Fall ( part 5 )

The Roberts family had very busy day, building a shelter to protect them from the weather, and animals. Adam, Burt, and Donnie were fast asleep, laying on the mats they wove from vines that cover and destroy trees. 

The night spent in the shelter was so comfortable that the boys wanted to stay for a coupe more days. Abe was all for staying over, but Molly wanted to go home and have a warm bath. Molly was cold, and her body kept telling her she was not eight-teen anymore. Abe was just your regular out doors kinda guy. When Molly and Abe met they did camping almost every weekend, and it did not hurt Molly’s body at all. In fact Molly looked forward to each chance to be in the wild. Echo Park has always been the most favorite place for them to visit. Molly, figured they loved the park so much, because of the quiet nature of the park, the no cell phone reception, and the beauty of the wild.camping.jpgAbe had always loved the ritual, of putting all the supplies together to make the weekend the best one ever. He knew exactly what he was doing, as he had learned from his dad. Abe’s family, when he was a child loved the great outdoors, and spent most of their time hunting, fishing, and of course camping. The family as a team would go out, and build a cabin in a few days. The cabins were used as homes for the young family members as they came into their early twenties. The property, Abe grew up on was five thousand acres, that was run like a farm. Molly and Abe had taken the boys there many times to visit family, Abe’s parents have long passed away, but the farm is still lived on by three of his brothers, and one sister. farm.jpgThere was a slight thin fog hovering over the weeds, and grass as Abe pulled back the flap of the shelter. Molly was standing behind Abe, and he could hear, “WOW!” coming from Molly’s lips. “Isn’t that beautiful?” Abe said as he turned to kiss Molly.  As he kissed her on the lips, they could hear a lot of snickering coming from under the blankets. Abe started to laugh, then jumped on the bed and started to fight with his boys. Molly just stood there laughing, and telling Abe to lick them on the face. Molly headed out of the shelter, and stood totally still, as if she was frozen. Molly could not speak a word, she tried to yell out “HELP”, but all that came out was a puff of air. The guys were being pretty noisy, and would have not heard her talk anyways. Molly waved her hands as much as she could, but nothing happened. She wanted to turn and run, but it felt like her feet were stuck in quick sand. Young Donnie emerged from the shelter, and threw a large rock out into the field. girl.jpgAbe hurried to the opening of the shelter when he heard the thud from the rock Donnie had thrown. He tried to move Molly to the side, but she would not move. Once around Molly and Donnie he seen an image standing right there looking right at them. Adam slipped out of the shelter with his camera in hand, he focused on the image then clicked the button. He got a wonderful capture of an image from their over night survival adventure. Abe yelled as loud as he could, waving his hands high in the air, and stomped his feet. Burt was laughing in the shelter, and had no idea what was going on outside, but dad looked pretty funny. Abe looked like a prehistoric man trying to dance. “It was pretty funny.” crazy.jpgBurt came to join the family outside the shelter, when his eyes fixed on a Mother wolf with her pups standing near her. She had one of her pups in her mouth, squirming like crazy. When Abe yelled, and stomped, the pups cowered behind some pieces of wood on the other side of the mother wolf.  The wolf turned and looked at Abe as if he was nuts, she put down the squirming pup, and turned and walked away.  Her pups were right behind her as she picked up her pace. In a matter of minutes she was gone from sight, and the family relaxed, and regained their ability to move.  Molly let out a big sigh and started tearing up, “I was so afraid,” she said to Abe. Abe hugged her tight, and told her everything was okay. wolf.jpgMolly started a fire to keep them warm, as Abe brought the food down from the trees. Everyone kept their eyes open for anything that moved, as they ate the food that was left in the back packs. Donnie pointed over to a little squirrel sitting on a flat stone eating some seeds. Donnie got his camera, and clicked a picture of the cute little fella. Donnie tapped mom on the shoulder and pointed to the little squirrel, Molly smiled and watched the squirrel chew on the seeds it had in its tiny paws. He was so cute, and Donnie had the first picture of the squirrel. Abe was busy taking the top off a can with his hunting knife, then poured coffee from the flask and set it at the edge of the fire so it would warm up. Abe repeated the same for a coffee that Molly could enjoy too. squirrel.jpgAs the family started to take down the shelter, the sun was high in the sky. It was warm but not too bad. The boys worked a long side their dad taking everything apart. Molly helped by rolling the tarps and blankets together with the ropes and hatchet. Molly had the bundles all tied up and ready to go once the shelter was down. The boys wanted to take the mat they had made with them, so Abe and Adam started to roll the mat up as tight as they could. It was pretty long, but not too wide. Abe decided to carry the mat on his back. He tied a rope from the bottom of the mat to the top, then secured a rope tightly around the mat, this way he could distribute the weight evenly. The team was ready to pack up and start back to the car. hike.jpgThe hike down the trail was beautiful, the blooms where displaying purples, yellows, and rusty browns. The travel back was pretty tiring for all the family, so they stopped to sit on a rock that over looked the park. Molly heard a noise off to her left and there was a mom deer and her baby. “Wow, look over there guys,” she said pointing in the direction of the deer and her baby. Everyone took a picture of the mommy deer and her little baby. The amount of beautiful animals the family had seen was a first for the Roberts Family. Starting to move again the family were not too far away from the car. The boys were complaining that they were pretty hungry, and thirsty. Abe and Molly agreed that they would stop at the first place, and get everyone some well deserved food. baby deer.jpgAt school the boys told all their friends about their survival trip with their dad and mom, and how they wove a bed out of vines to sleep on.  Abe was so proud of his boys, and how they all pitched in and built a comfortable place to stay warm, dry, and safe. Molly had taken pictures of the boys as they worked together, and had them made into a photo book for each one, and one for home. Molly was very proud of her husband and sons.  Another overnight survival trip was already planned for six weeks from today, and the boys are beyond excited.

The end.

” Thanks to all my readers, and followers for reading my blog.”

Take care of yourself, and your loved ones, and the weekend is just one night away. Enjoy!

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

I would like to thank all the talented photographers at Up Splash for all their contributions. 








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