Fall ( part 3 )

Molly spent most of her day getting ready for their family outing. Molly had met her once homeless friend Foster, and had to display her ability to cope with Donna’s endless gift for gab. Their boys got the scoop on the trip, and the contest.

Molly’s day started like most others, with the exception of their trip to Echo Park.  The family had frequented the park many times, it was so beautiful there. It didn’t matter what season, the park was a place of silence, no cell phone service, lots of trees and trails to explore. There was a small general store, that sold all items for a delightful camping experience, or just a great day visit. Echo Park had lots of critters, from squirrels to foxes, raccoons and deer. The raccoons and foxes where rarely seen in the day light. The deer could be seen, but not too close to your camp site. As for the squirrels, they could be seen everywhere, chattering loudly from the trees, they were usually upset over someone in their area. They were very funny, but enjoyable. Chipmunks often came close enough to take the peanuts, right out of your hand. There wasn’t anything in the park, that visitors didn’t enjoy. It was a well-loved park.park.jpgMolly was making ham and cheese sandwiches, four of peanut butter and jam, five egg salad, and six roast beef. Molly had made cookies, and muffins, along with beef jerky for a quick pick up. She carefully packed the sandwiches in plastic bags, then placed them in a plastic tub. Molly had five back packs to fill, and filling them was what she did. The tubs she had purchased fit perfectly into the back pack, this way nothing would be squashed. In one back pack she put fruit, a small table-cloth, paper towels, and a plastic bag to put the trash in. Molly carefully wrapped drinks in tea towels, and a couple of wash cloths, and split them into two back packs. Donnie, the youngest would carry the muffins, and cookies in his back pack. The last back pack had rain ponchos, bug spray, lighter fluid and matches just in case. She placed two thermoses, one of coffee, one of tea into the last back pack. In a large plastic bag she placed the cameras, with notes about things, to take pictures of and what  not too.sandwiches.jpgMolly gathered her boys, and told them to layer their clothes for the trip, and to wear their sturdiest pair of shoes, or muck boots. Abe helped to put the back packs into the car a long with three water proof blanket, and four tarps of different sizes. Abe rolled pegs, extra rope, and a hatchet into the tarps and an axe in the blanket bundles, then tied them with rope. That part was done, and all that they had to wait for was the boys. Abe and Molly had a quick coffee while waiting, and ran over the route they would be traveling. With coffee finished, and bathroom visits finished, the Roberts family was on their way. tarp.jpgThe sun was shining which made the day delightful, and the hiking a lot more fun. The highway was not overly busy, and the stress level was at its lowest. Half way to the park the family stopped at a Tim Horton’s to have a drink, a doughnut, and bathroom breaks. Once they entered the park they parked beside the store, this way the car was safe. Abe helped everyone with their backpacks he tied three tarps on Adam’s back pack and one on Molly’s, then the other ones on  his back pack, with everyone ready to go the Roberts family entered the store to register. A safety measure.doughnuts.jpgIt was time to hit the trails, but before they went too far Molly gave a camera to each person with a note that told them what they had to take pictures of and what not to. The boys were so excited, and eager to get started. Up the trails the family climbed, then stopped for a little rest, then they were off again.  Up they went climbing higher and higher, Burt could hear the sound of rushing water, “Hey guys do you hear that?” Molly spoke up and said, “let’s head in the direction of the sound.”  Everyone agreed and Abe led the way, the sound was getting louder as they walked. Abe seen a clearing just a head and led the family out into the open. As they looked down, there was a beautiful rushing river, and in the distance was a grand waterfall. The family stood watching the water rush, over large rocks coming out of the water. The water swirled, and splashed as it danced past. river.jpg The falls in the distance, looked so inviting that Abe suggested, heading down the trail to the falls. The sound of the water got louder in spots as the water crashed hard on the jutting rocks. The foam and spray flew into the air, then landed on the waves created by the falls. The plants held onto the rocks, sand, and tangled roots. The foliage was green and vibrant, and the flowers, as wild as they were they captured the gaze of all, as they walked. The falls came up faster than expected, and lunch was taken on the shore of the falls. Nature has many ways of playing with the landscape, twisting trees, burrowing its way threw the earth. The beauty of the earth is all around us, just for our pleasure.waterfalls.jpg Abe and Molly sat finishing their lunch as their boys skipped stones over the water. Abe told Molly, that he booked them for two days on the trails. Molly looked at him with a weird look on her face. “Why?” Was all she had to say. Abe started to explain,” this is a chance to teach our sons how to survive, if they are lost or stranded in the wild.” Molly understood, but staying over night in the wild was something she had never thought about. Abe’s idea was very good for the boys, and she was unable to say no. Abe called their sons over and talked with them about staying the night, and like most children, they were all for the sleeping in the wild. Abe explained that out in the open was not the best place to stay over night, “We are going further into the woods to find a spot before the sun starts to go down. rocks.jpgTraveling off the trail was harder, then on the trail. Abe came to a place with trees, tight together, “this is the spot we will stay for the night.” We need to collect wood for a fire to keep us warm, and for our beds to sleep on.” We will also need bows from a pine trees, to make our beds warm and comfortable.” Abe asked, “does anyone know which direction the wind is blowing?” Burt spoke first, “I think the wind is coming this way as he pointed out the direction.” Burt was right, as dad explained why wind direction was so important. Mom had started picking up wood from the ground, and had a pretty big pile. Dad took the two older boys with him coming back with bows for the beds, and bigger branches to make the beds.  The fellas put down their supplies, and headed back to get more.fire.jpgA day out, turned from a walk on the trails, to a survival night in the wild. Abe and his sons were pumped, and loved the idea.

Join the Roberts family tomorrow to find out how survival night camping was going.

” Thanks to all my readers, and see you tomorrow.”

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a great Wednesday, and keep warm out there.”

I would like to send out a big thank you, to all the excellent photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

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