Fall ( part 2 )

Abe and Molly Roberts had a rip-roaring fun time in the leaves with their three boys. Sure, the leaves had to be raked again, but that was a piece of cake.

Molly had put together a trip for the family, with a contest involved. Molly had spoken with Abe as they went over the plan for the day. They had both agreed that a long hike in the great out doors would not harm anyone of them. Molly had been putting all the necessities together, but she still had to go to the store to get one last thing for the day. Tomorrow was the day of the trip and she needed to get the stuff now. Molly put on her blue jacket with the white trimming, this was her favorite jacket for the Fall, and it looked like dynamite on her. It was warm, but not overly warm, she put on her muck boots, grabbed her purse, and was out the door.shopping.jpgOn the way to the car, Molly spotted the fellas raking up the back yard, and putting the leaves into brown paper bags.  Abe yelled from the back yard, “Where are you going?” “To the store to get what I need for tomorrow.” Molly yelled back. Abe came running to the car to give Molly a kiss, and ask for Molly to get some double chocolate ice-cream. Abe kissed Molly on the cheek, then was off to finish the back yard clean up. Getting ready for the winter was always a big job. It seemed to take forever.car.jpgMolly still had to plant some more tulip bulbs before the snow fell. At this time of the year planting bulbs was frustrating, as the darn squirrels would come dig them up right after she had finished planting. Next year Molly was ready for the rotten little devils. She had some wire to cover the bulbs, and some larger rocks to hold the wire in place. Molly loved her gardens, and took pride in them. When friends came over for a barbecue, the ladies would walk a long the gardens, and praise Molly’s green thumb. It was true, Molly’s gardens were the talk of the neighborhood. Next year she wanted to put a brook running through the back yard. She knew it would be a big job, but she had the time to spend creating a dream back yard.bulbs.jpgMolly finally arrived at the store, and on her way into store, a homeless man asking for money. Molly had seen him many times before, if she recalled right, his name was Foster. He had been homeless for a couple of years when she met him. Molly had talked him for quite a while, and bought him lunch. Molly never seemed to be above anyone, she was the kind of person that would give you the shirt off her back, if you didn’t have one. Foster didn’t have a job, nor a place to live until he met Molly. With the help of Abe, they found him a place to live, and a job so he would have money to purchase the necessities of life. Molly asked Foster to join them on Thanksgiving Day, and he graciously said, “Yes.”homeless.jpgMolly turned, and headed into the store. There at the cash register stood Donna, a lady from the neighborhood. Molly waved and said, “Hello Donna,” as she slipped behind a row of new toys. Donna was a talker, and Molly didn’t have the time for the chit-chat right now. Molly headed for the aisle with the cameras, the big rule was that everyone had to have a camera, to be in the contest tomorrow. Looking at all the cameras was driving Molly crazy. As Molly turned the corner to go down the next aisle, there was a pile of disposable cameras in a bin. Eureka, this was just what Molly had been looking for. cameras.jpgOnce, finished with the cashier, Molly remembered the ice-cream.  Over to the freezer section, and there in the first freezer was a bucket of double chocolate ice-cream. Molly grabbed the ice-cream, then headed for the cashier. Molly rolled her eyes because, there at the register was Donna, and her register was the only one open. The line was quite busy, but was moving at a quick pace.  Before long Molly was right in front of Donna. Donna started talking, and Molly tried her best to be nice and pleasant. Molly said, I must get going Donna, before this ice-cream melts, and the boys won’t be very happy if that happens. ice-cream.jpg On the way home Molly stopped at the fast food place, and grabbed chicken for dinner. Once home Molly yelled to the guys, ” come in and get washed up before for dinner.” Molly had set the table, and was ready to eat, she yelled to the fellas, “Dinners is on the table, come get it.”  It sounded like a herd of elephants, coming towards the kitchen, Molly stood back to the wall so she would not get run over. The fellas sat and Molly sat after them.  Molly whispered to Abe, to tell the boys about the contest, and the outing planned for the next day.  Abe brought up the subject, and the boys were in for the trip.hiking.jpgMolly woke early that morning, and got all the picnic items ready. She passed out cameras once they go to the park.

Take care of the ones you love, and always say I love you.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a wonderful Tuesday, and enjoy the fall colors”

Thank you to all the very talented photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

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