Paulette Lambert ( 3 of 4 )

The beach looked so inviting to Paulette, as she stood outside the entrance way of the hotel. The sun shone brightly on the rushing waves, this was all like a dream to Paulette. 

The sun soaked sand look like gold dust and diamonds in Paulette’s eyes. As she walked towards the beach, she could hear the clapping of her flip-flops against the wood covered walk way. She could hear the crashing of the white foamy waves, as they smashed against the rocks a long the shore. Paulette’s senses were aware of even the slightest whisper of her own heart beat. Paulette could see clusters of people huddling under colorful umbrellas, to escape the scorching sun. A cool wisp of air tousled Paulette’s hair, as the screech of a lone seagull, broke her gaze on the ocean. Paulette pulled off her flip-flops and stepped down into the sand. Paulette felt a searing pain on the bottom of her feet. She bolted back onto the walk way, repeating, “Ouch, ouch, ouch…..HOT!!” Paulette had never anticipated the sand being so hot, but now she knew she needed the flip-flops, to walk on the sand.¬†flip flops.jpgCautiously, Paulette hurried towards the nearest¬†lounger, with an umberella covering it. She brushed away the sand from the lounger, then laid out a towel to sit on. Paulette sat for a while, just watching the waves, as danced on the shore. This was the closest she had ever been to the ocean. Her curiosity¬† would not let her sit there any longer, with flip-flops on Paulette made her way to the water’s edge. Removing her flip-flops, she placed her feet on the cool sand on the shore. “AH!” Was all that escaped from Paulette’s lips, as a wave danced over her bare feet. “I did it, I did it!” She whispered to herself, raising her arms, with clenched fists, as if she had won a marathon.feet sand.jpgPaulette ventured further into the water, the waves splashed against her white legs, tossing droplets of water on her face. As her tongue licked her lips she could taste the unmistakable taste of salt. The ocean water was nothing like the fresh waters she used to swim in at home. That was it, with a quick running start, Paulette dove into the ocean. The water rushed past her pushing her towards the shore. Startled by the current, she swallowed a small gulp of sea water. Out of the water she jumped to her feet spitting, and sputtering, the salt water from her mouth. She took that quick look around, to see if anyone was watching, then gathered her composure, as she turned towards the lounger and walked back to her the ocean.jpgNo one had seen Paulette that day, but in her journal she wrote about the salt water event. Paulette sat on the sandy beach¬† for sometime, writing, and taking photos of the ocean, the beach, and the people.¬† Soon it was time for Paulette to go find something to eat, then call her agent, Renee and arrange a time to meet in the early morning. Paulette just ordered up dinner to her room, and ate dinner on the balcony, as she watched the sun slip slowly into the ocean. While preparing for bed, Paulette came across the envelope her father had given her, as she left. How could she have forgotten the envelope.¬† She opened the flap of the letter and inside was a letter from her dad, mom, and grand-parents.dinner.jpgsunset.jpgPaulette sat on the bed, and removed the letter, and began to read. “We know your leaving home is a part of independence, and finding out who you are, and what you can achieve on your own.” Paulette paused for a moment thinking of her family. A little tear slipped from her eye, as she looked out the window. She missed her family, and knew that before long, they would be there to visit with her. Walking over to the fridge in the room, Paulette took out a tiny bottle of Bailey’s, and poured it over a glass of ice.¬† She never drank much, but this was one of the times she needed to have one drink to help her sleep. Paulette began to read againdrink.jpg” Mom says she loves you, and if there is anytime you need to talk about, we are all here for you.” Her father said. ” I was very afraid to let you go so far away, but I realized we raised you well, and taught you everything you will need to survive.” ” I will be expecting calls on a regular basis, and especially if you need anything at all.” ” We will visit as much as we can, so you had better get a big place.” “Or a place with extra bedroom for us.”¬† Paulette was chuckling at his forceful pussy cat manner. Dad was funny when he tried to be stern, and Paulette used to get away with¬† a lot because she knew how to handle dad.letter.jpgAs Paulette turned the page something fluttered to the floor. Paulette did not see where the paper went, she bent down and found the paper just under the edge of the bed. Paulette turned the paper face up, and with wide eyes, and her hand over her mouth she read. “One hundred thousand dollars.” She frantically read further in the letter to see why the cheque was in her letter. “Did dad make a mistake, and put a cheque in her letter?” “NO!” “This was her name.” She read, “we have given you this cashiers cheque to help you buy your place, and maybe help with your bank account.”letter.jpgPaulette was on her feet dialing the phone, ring, ring. A voice came on the line, “Hello.” “Mom?” Paulette blurted out. “Oh, hi honey how are things going with you, are you in California yet?” Her mom calmly said. “Mom,” “I love you all very much, and thank you for the money, I’m so surprised, I love you.” Paulette quickly blurted out. ” Hang on dear, dad wants to talk to you.” Her mom said. ” Hi sweetheart, are you there?” “Yes dad, I made It and I swam in the ocean, and, and, thank you, I love you so much.” Paulette said. Her dad’s voice spoke softly, “calm down Paulette, we love you, and this is something we have been saving for a long time.” “It’s our gift to you for your future, and a home, I know you will be safe in.” “Thank you daddy, I love you.” Paulette said as tears rolled down her cheeks.¬†phone.jpg“Good night sweetheart sleep well.” Her dad whispered and blew her a kiss.¬† Paulette hung up the phone, she laid down on the bed, and slept soundly.

To be continued.

Say I love you each day, and pass your smiles around.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Today is Thursday and one day closer to the weekend.”

I would like to thank all the marvelous photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.





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