Paulette Lambert ( 2 of 4 )

Paulette had said good-bye to her family and friends. Paulette Lambert, was on her way to a new place, a new way of life, and new faces.

Paulette had a long way to drive to where she wanted to live. She figured that in two days she would be real close to the out skirts of¬† Whispering Pines, California. She had figured if she drove all day, and stopped at night to sleep, then she would be fresh and ready to go condo hunting. Paulette had figured that she would have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days, or at least till her condo was ready for her to move in. Paulette did not mind, mostly because she could get to see the ocean, and get some sun. She would spend her first day just wandering around with her real estate lady Renee.agentPaulette had been in touch with Renee, her agent, who had several condos for her to look at when she arrived.¬† Paulette was so excited about all her plans starting to fall into place. She had made an appointment with the National Bank to get part-time work till she could find the dinner she wanted to purchase. The scenery¬†along the way was beautiful, and nothing like at home. Cactus, and scraggly bushes seem to latch to the bare ground, that made this place look like a wild west movie back ground. The red mountains were breathe taking. Paulette had stopped to rest and took many photos to send home to her family and close friends.¬† Each night she wrote her thoughts in a journal.¬†hollywood.jpgPaulette was doing well and right on time, and needed a good nights sleep, and a warm bed. She stopped at a Motel that had a morning breakfast, and that was a deal for sure. Next morning Paulette was up with the sun and eating breakfast in a small dining area. The people there were very nice, and talked about Whispering Pines, and how beautiful the area was. Paulette was happy to hear good things about the place she had picked to call her home. It was time to get back on the road, and California was not far off. Once Paulette stopped for lunch she would contact Renee, her agent, and book the next morning to start the hunt for the right place to live. The highway signs had changed and said, “California.” She was close.california.jpgBefore Paulette knew it a California sign came into sight, she was only fifty miles away from Whispering Pines. The trip was almost over.¬† Soon Paulette could see the ocean, it was so beautiful that she stopped to take a few photos to send back home, she took a selfie with the ocean behind her. Paulette couldn’t help sneak a peek at the ocean every once in a while. Over the next horizon, the sign for Whispering Pines came into sight. Paulette pulled over, and took a photo of the sign with her in front of it. She had arrived, she was so excited! Now it was time to find a hotel. that would be her home for the next few days.beach.jpgPaulette found a comfortable hotel near the ocean. The first thing she wanted to do was to put her bare feet in the hot sand, and walk slowly into the ocean. Paulette, had to go¬†get a bathing suit to wear on the beach, kinda sexy, but not over the top. The nice lady at the front desk had said there was a shop to the left¬† of their entrance door. Paulette had not even noticed the shop next door when she arrived. “Excitement can do that to you.” With a sassy¬†bathing suit in hand, and her room key, Paulette wheeled her luggage into her room. There was a balcony that faced the ocean, so Paulette took a few more photos of the beach. Her friends at home would be envious of her new place to live.beach3.jpgPaulette put on her new bathing suit, grabbed a couple towels, and headed for the beach.

To be continued.

Take good care of those you love, and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a great Wednesday, and keep warm if you walk outside.”

I would like to thank all the wonderfully talented photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

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