On the Ocean(5 of 5)

This will be the final post for “On the Ocean.” During our cruise we stopped, at an island called Labadee, Haiti. The “Royal Caribbean” cruise lines have two home islands, where passengers can have fun in the sand and sun, and enjoy a barbeque. The island is the last place on our stop, before heading back to Florida.

The other island is Coca Cay, which will be debuting on May 2019. Book a cruise and explore the island. “We did.” 

LABADEE, HAITIDSCN0118.JPG“This is a sand sculpture of the Allure of the Seas, that greets you as you come through the gates of the island.”DSCN0134.JPG“These are the signs and maps that will help you navigate your way around the island. You can walk or take shuttle to a  shopping area, to get those little gifts for loved ones at home.”DSCN0119.JPGDSCN0229.JPG” There are various flowers, and trees that make this island beautiful.”DSCN0232.JPGDSCN0136.JPG” There are boats tipped to one side, where inviting seats are waiting for weary travelers.”DSCN0124.JPG” Under the trees you can find, carved chairs and a log table with a chess table top.”  ” There are hammocks secured from tree to tree, where young, and old loves lounge in the shade.”DSCN0233.JPGDSCN0131.JPG” A kiddie splash pad area is just the place for children and their parents, can play together.”DSCN0125.JPG” Sign, sign, everywhere there are signs.”  ” The signs here can lead you to a day filled with adventure.”DSCN0144.JPG” There are many way to have fun on the water, and a floating water park fits the bill.”DSCN0210.JPG” This guy keeps holding his arm in the air, everytime I see him.”  ” Is he someone I should know? ”  ” Oh ya, I know him, he’s lost.” lol!!!DSCN0152.JPG” This tree caught my attention as soon as I seen it.”  ” It’s amazing how a tree could live with only a few roots in the sand. “DSCN0150.JPG” Having lunch. “DSCN0158.JPG” Beautiful and relaxing island music.”  ” We passed by these gentlemen, on our way to a barbeque dinner.”DSCN0149.JPG” This photograph was taken with my Nikon camera.”  “I would imagine I am at least one-thousand feet away from the boaters.”DSCN0143.JPG” I came across these abandoned homes, on a rocky shore, as I was taking photos.”DSCN0164.JPG” This is a picture of a home taken from far away. ” “It looks a wonderful place to live.”DSCN0230.JPG” Palm trees and coconuts.”dscn0178.jpgDSCN0193.JPGDSCN0205.JPG” The Sea dancing among the rocks on shore. ”  ” The power of the waves, amaze me. “DSCN0223.JPG” Take a ride threw the trees, and you control the brakes of your cart!”DSCN0193.JPGDSCN0224.JPG” The rocks are not a place to be when the waves come crashing on the rocks.”DSCN0196.JPG” Zip line time, over the water. “DSCN0217.JPGDSCN0211.JPGDSCN0200.JPGDSCN0153.JPGIMG_4042.JPG“Our cruise has left us with many memories we won’t forget.”

” I hope you have enjoyed our cruise photographs, as much as we did.”

Take care, and say I love you to your loved ones when you leave them.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a great Monday, and take the time to a walk around the block.”








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