On the Ocean

As we pulled into San Juan, Puerto Rico. The weather was hot, up into the eighty plus degrees mark. After breakfast it was time to explore.

IMG_4046.JPGDSCN0059.JPGIMG_4047.JPG“The port seemed very quiet, but soon, the quiet would be broken by the sounds of taxi drivers, tour owners, and people departing from the two ships, that had come into dock.”DSCN0055.JPGDSCN0051.JPG” This creation was erected on the water front. The giant sea-horse looks like a guardian from a place deep under the sea.”DSCN0074.JPG“This is a refinery located on the shore.”

” We took a taxi to, “La Plaza Americas,” these are just a few of sculptures on display in the mall.DSCN0044.JPGDSCN0047.JPGDSCN0034.JPGDSCN0039.JPGDSCN0038.JPGDSCN0036.JPGDSCN0041.JPGDSCN0040.JPG“After a couple hours shopping in the mall, we went to the Cheese Cake Factory.”  “Penny from Big Bang wasn’t working that day.” LOL. IMG_3985.jpgIMG_3984.JPGIMG_3983.jpg“As we headed back to the port, and boarded the ship.”  “These are pictures of San Juan, and the angry sea.”DSCN0088.JPGDSCN0071.JPGDSCN0089.JPGDSCN0097.JPGDSCN0069.JPGDSCN0068.JPGDSCN0092.JPGDSCN0094.JPGDSCN0090.JPG“As we left port these boats where leading us out to sea.”DSCN0082.JPGDSCN0084.JPGDSCN0080.JPG“As you can see the young man in the last photo was standing guard in case there was trouble.” 

“I will be posting the rest of  my Cruise photos on Monday.”

“Thank you for visiting.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend.”













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