On the Ocean

Nice to see you. I have many photographs, to post because I have a passion for taking photos. I do not  take just one shot of each photo, but several. “Enjoy your self.”

IMG_3432.jpgDSCN0247.JPGIMG_3976.JPG“We found these towel animals made by the fella that kept our room clean.”  ” I just took it upon myself to show a tray of breakfast we had on our balcony.”IMG_3428.jpgIMG_3426.jpg” This is my daughter’s room, and one of her towel animals.”  ” Some rooms have bunks that come out of the ceiling, as you can see.”IMG_3961.jpgIMG_3964.jpg” This is the first view of Saint Maarten, as we pulled into the dock.” IMG_3963.jpg” This is only a small amount of the devastation on the island.”  ” There are many places where people lived, but now there are empty shells where homes stood.”  “Very sad to see, but the people there, were putting on a Happy Face for visitors.”IMG_3969.jpgIMG_3972(Edited).jpg” Playing in the water after a “HOT” day of shopping on Saint Maarten.”  “The ocean was beautiful.” “Yes,” “That is my husband in the ocean, this was his reason for coming on this trip was to swim in the ocean.”IMG_3990.jpg” As we pulled away from Saint Maarten the clouds, in the distance were releasing rain into the ocean.” 

Once on board the ship, Flash mobs made their entrance as people stopped in their tracks and watched. The Flow Rider was up and running, and the rock wall was packed with people in line waiting for their turn.IMG_3724.jpgIMG_3354.jpg“We were on our way to San Juan, Puertorico.” It will be morning before we would arrive, and the ship is a buzz with people shopping, dancing, gambling, and sitting sippin’ on tea, while watching the crowds go by.

Thank you for visiting, join me tomorrow when we dock in San Juan. 

Be safe out there, and always kiss you loved ones each day.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a fantastic Thursday, enjoy the beautiful colors of fall “




















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