Moving north (5 of 5 )

Peter’s gathering turned out better than he had ever expected. The turn out way pretty much the entire town, and it was a blast. The shop was finally finished, and the photos of the fellas were hanging in the entrance way of the shop.

Rose had saved some cake and packed pieces in with the meals she made for the shut ins she went to visit each day. She had made a video of the gathering, and packed a copy in each meal bag. This way her shut ins could see what happened as everyone came together. Next year Rose said she would figure out away to get the shut ins to the event to join in and see old friends, and make new ones. With Peter and the boys help she would be able to get it figured out and finalize the plans having it come to life. But, for now she needed to get shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. She was having Robert, and his family, as well as Lawrence’s family. The two families, Peter, and Rose had all become one big family. Rose wished her friends from back home, would be able to come visit, but they already had previous plans, but they were coming next Thanksgiving. Which made Rose very happy and excited.
turkey.jpgtable.jpgPeter and Rose had two young fellas who had become like their own children, but they never wanted to bring a baby into a dirty, drug infested, and crime ridden city. Since moving to Heaven they had been talking about having a little one, and starting a family. Heaven was the perfect place to raise a child. Rose could turn the spare room into a nursery once the time came. Peter had dreams of a son or daughter who could some day take over the business, when he was too old and gray. He had been going over names, and he ran a few of them past Rose. craddle.jpgThanksgiving Day had come around, and Rose was up early putting things together for dinner. Peter had made a special table with chairs, just for the dinner. It was created in a circle that came in pieces and when assembled it looked like the knights of the round tables, table. He even carved in a coat of arms just for the Thornton family, and the chairs had carved spindles with arms on each one. When the table was assembled there was an opening that you could go through, and place food all around the table. The table would sit fifteen to twenty people so that everyone could talk to each other. The ideal table for a large gathering.

table.jpgPeter hurried around the livingroom waiting for Robert and Lawrence to arrive. Once they arrived he had them help move some of the furniture into the work shop, and bring the table in, and set it up in the livingroom, kitchen area. The chairs were next to come in, and a few extra chairs for people to sit on before dinner. Rose returned home after picking up some pies and cakes for desert, and when she walked into the cabin she almost dropped a pie on the floor. She was stunned by the beauty of the table, and the chairs. She went over and hugged Peter saying, “this table will be the talk of the town.” “You are such a talented husband, and I love you.” Rose walked around the table touching the silkiness of its finish, then she went into the centre where she seen the carved coat of arms. She started to tear up, then wiped her tears away, saying, “our coat of arms, how beautiful.” She hugged Peter again, and hugged the boys, saying to them, “I know you two had something to do with this, and I love you both for your loving involvement.” The boys said, “this is just for you Mom Rose, she disappeared around the corner and the fellas set the table for her. setting.jpgWhen company arrived everyone stood around the table touching it, and sitting where their name tags were. People were everywhere, big ones, little ones, and even babies. The cabin was filled with love and family. Rose found bits of time through the evening to hold the babies, while she held them she felt like a real mom.  Rose would soon be expecting a baby of her own. Peter was walking on cloud nine when he heard the news that he was going to  be a dad. It didn’t take long for the people in town to know about the pregnancy. Once Rose was six months along a large baby shower was thrown at the local high school gym. Rose had an appointment with her doctor before the shower. She was so excited about the shower that she had to ask the doctor over and over what he had said. She had great news for Peter and her friends, that she would share at the shower. Rose was asked how the appointment went, she just smiled and said,”I will tell you soon.” Peter showed up to help with the clean up, when the party was over. Rose whispered in his ear, “you are going to be a daddy twice over, don’t say anything yet.” “I will let everyone know soon.” twins.jpgRose had news no one expected, and as she spoke she could hear gasps in the crowd. Peter and I are pleased to announce that the babies are healthy, and we are having twins. The cheers made Rose cry, not sad tears, but happy ones. The party went very well, with both parents being congratulated by everyone. Rose delivered twins at six o’clock news time on May tenth. Peter and Rose where the proud parents of twin girl named Annabella Jean, and a twin son named Johnathan Patrick. Two more people living in Heaven.

Good things do happen to good people, and this was God’s blessing to Rose and Peter.

The end.

Thanks for joining me.

Take care of your loved ones and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a safe and prosperous Friday”

Thank to all the talent photographers for contributing.

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