Moving north ( 4 of 5 )

Life seems to be at it’s best for Peter and Rose. Their home is making an impression on the locals, because of Rose’s gardening skills. Peter’s furniture business is greater than he had expected, he had two apprentices, and orders were coming in every day.

The addition to the business was coming a long at a good pace. Robert and Lawrence enjoyed helping Peter with the building of the work shop. This work was giving the fellas a lot of experience in construction as well as reading plans and blue prints, plus creating furniture that was one of a kind. Robert was all for following in Peter’s foot steps, while beside him creating furniture. As for Lawrence he was interested in furniture as well but his main line of creations would be bedroom furniture. Peter taught Lawrence the fundamentals as they went along and soon he was creating beautiful bedroom sets, that were in high demand. Once the shop was finished there would be an area for Lawrence to work his magic. All the walls were up for the work shop, and the trusses would be delivered in a day. Peter figured with the three of them it would take two days, and then the roof could be put on. shop.jpgThe Cabin in the woods had transformed into a garden of Eden, there were so many different flowers around the property, where there had been none before. Fruit trees flurished, and in the fall the tree branches would bent down ward with the weight of the ripe fruit. Neighbors would stop by to pick fruit for their families,  Rose would never charge them a dime. She had gardens filled with all kinds of vegetables, that she would share with her neighbors. Rose was a giver, and believed in helping others, after all she had a genuine green thumb. When there was a family in need Rose was the first one there to help, she would cook home made meals to take to the elderly in town the could not get out for food. Rose was an angel, and so many people were thankful for her  living in the town of Heaven. Peter was very proud of his wife, she had such a kind-heart. vegies.jpgfruit.jpgThe weeks went by and the roof was put on the edition, and the fellas were working on the final touches inside the shop. The production line would be in full swing in a week. Peter had added some new tools, belt saws, punches, band Sanders that would take the wood dust out of the building and into bins outside. Electric plainer, that made the job faster, and an array of wood working tools. Peter had always wanted to modernize his new shop, and that he did. He ran the fellas through the use of each electric tool, and the safety practices that were mandatory by law. He even went a far as to buy his employees, and himself new work attire. New tee shirts with the company name  “Thornton Creations” on each one, he had boss and apprentice on  back of each tee shirt. Robert and Lawrence got a real kick out of that. The choice of jeans was part of the a tirer, and the guys looked pretty darn professional. Rose had taken pictures of the guys. She had them blown up, framed, then hung them in the front area of the shop. This way everyone could see who was making their furniture. Her handsome guys made her so proud. toolsw.jpgplainer.jpgDuring the fall harvest Peter, and Rose hosted a gathering for anyone who lived in Heaven. Rose asked that each family bring a non-perishable item to help the less fortunate at Thanksgiving. The turn out was amazing, it seemed like the whole town was there. Rose had a catering company feed all the people, and she had a very large cake made that said, “The best kind of friends, are people like the ones that live in the town of Heaven.” And it was true, the Thornton’s had found the best bunch of people on earth. The gathering went on for quite a while, and everyone left happy and full of food.cake.jpgYou would think this story would end this way, but there are many more events coming for the “Thornton Estates.”

Join me tomorrow to see what happens on the Estate.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Thursday, and enjoy the cool weather”

Thank you for all the wonderful photographers at Upsplash for your contribution.

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