Moving north ( 2 of 5 )

Peter and Rose had found the cabin they had wanted for so long. They had moved into their new home, and were patiently waiting for the delivery company to arrive with the rest of their belongings. 

The sun rose over the trees, and the cabin was filled with sun shine. Rose and Peter had slept on sleeping bags, blankets and pillows that the bed and breakfast had let them use. There sleep was the most piece full sleep they had in a long time. Morning coffee was enjoyed outside on a moss-covered old bench. The smell coming through the air was pure, and smelled like fish, which ment fish were abundant in the river. So many sounds to be heard. Birds in trees, bees buzzing through the wild flowers, the grass moving through gusts of wind, and the rippling of the river as it passed by. Peter piped up and said, “who ever named this town Heaven, knew what they were talking about.” Rose gave a nod of her head as she squinted at the bushes moving on the other side of the river. “Look over there Peter, in the bushes?” Rose said as she pointed towards the moving bushes. Emerging from the bushes was a pair of deer. They noticed them and disappeared into the bushes again.bench.jpgcoffee.jpgThere had been no calls from the moving company, and Peter was becoming agitated, the company said they would be here by noon. It was already one o’clock in the afternoon, and no word. Rose gave a ring to the driver of the moving van to find out what the problem was. “Hello, Mr. Dobson.” Rose said. “This is Rose Thornton, I’m calling to find out how far away from Heaven you are?”  Mr Dobson said, “we have had several problems along the way.” “Our truck blew a tire, which caused us to wait on the side of the road for two hours, and as if that wasn’t enough of a set back, we got caught up in an accident on the byway.” “We have had nothing but set backs, and now, we are currently stopped at the weigh scales for an inspection.” “I have no idea how long it will take them to inspect the truck.” “I can call you once we are leaving here.” With that Mr. Dobson hung up the phone. Rose relayed the message to Peter, who couldn’t believe the drivers bad luck. truck.jpg“Lets go into town and look around and have a bit of lunch.” Peter said with a big smile on his face. Once in town Peter drove down main street looking at each store front. It was like driving through the old west, all the store fronts were made of wood, and tarnished by the weather. Heaven is an astounding place. Parking in front of a building that held the best food in town, Peter and Rose casually walked inside. There was a long western style bar that started by the front window, then went all the way back to the entrance of the kitchen. All the tables and chairs were constructed of twisted sun bleached logs, that had washed up along the river’s shores. The canteen had an old world charm with a wild west inspired menu. Peter ordered baked beans and a slab of steak, with corn bread on the side. Rose wanted a half chicken cooked on an open fire, with grits, and beans. Rose ordered a cornbread as well. They ordered up a full mug of the beer on tap. dining.jpgThe meal was served with a smile, and tasted like they were living in the past. So juicy, tender, and leaving you satisfied. The cornbread was the hit of the meal, it was so good that Peter and Rose ordered two dozen to go. The order would take an hour to get together, so Peter and Rose took a walk along the wooden walk way in front of all the stores. Peter said to Rose, “this would be a great place to bring our parents when they visit.” Rose agreed with Peter. Holding hands and walking down the street was so calming. The phone rang, Mr. Dobson was on the other end of the line. He had left the scales an hour earlier, and was only fifty miles away from Heaven. They would be arriving within an hour.steak.jpgRose and Peter picked up the cornbread they had ordered, and headed for the cabin. Rose could make coffee and have cornbread once the movers arrived. Lazing around after such a wonderful lunch, Peter’s phone rang, and the mover said that they had arrived in Heaven. Peter told them to wait ten minutes and he would meet them, and show them how to get to the cabin. Peter got into their Jeep and headed for town. He found the moving van on the main street, he shook the driver’s hand and said, “follow me.”

Off to the cabin Peter and the movers headed. Rose was busy making lemon aid, and coffee for the movers. As the truck tried to turn into the lane, there was another problem to take care of.

Join me on Wednesday to see what had happened to the moving truck this time.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Tuesday, and enjoy this beautiful fall weather”

I would like to thank all the fantastic photographers at Upsplash for their contributions.





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