Moving North ( 1 of 5 )

This story takes place in the middle of  the wild. A place with fresh clean air, clean running streams, and rivers, and where neighbors are far enough away. Where the morning sun, warms everything it touches.  

Down long winding roads that take us to wide open spaces. Roads that lead people like Peter Thornton, and his wife Rose. They were like many people living in a city that was choking out nature. The Thornton’s had always wanted to leave hustle, and bustle of the big city. Their plan was to become farmers in the wilds of  Northern Channel. Where nature, and man could live together. wild.jpg

Where  your neighbors helped each other, and never left anyone in danger. A place where crime was not a daily occurrence. Peter and Rose had been searching for along-time and had found a place that was just where they wanted to be. The place was called Heaven. Peter and Rose sold most of their belongings, only keeping the items they would really need. These items would be shipped to them by the middle of the month. Peter and Rose had contacted an agent looking for a small place in the forest, with water and hydro. Their agent (Sam) had found a cute little log cabin in the woods, and wanted Peter and Rose to come see the cabin once they arrived in Heaven. The place had been built one hundred years ago, but had been recently renovated. The cabin had running water, hydro, a full bathroom, up graded kitchen, and a beautiful large window that had a view of the river, and the mountains.  Sam was sure Peter and Rose would love the cabin. Rose and Peter arrived in Heaven on a Monday night. They got a room at a local Bed and breakfast. After such a long drive they were exhausted, and ready for a good nights sleep in a warm cozy bed. A hot shower was the first thing Rose wanted to do, and Peter just wanted to stretch out on the bed, and relax. By the time Rose came out of the shower, Peter was sound asleep. Rose sat there looking at him for a while, then cuddled in beside him and fell asleep.bed.jpgAs the sun rose over the trees, the room was filled with bright sun light. Rose pulled the covers over her head ,and tried very hard to go back to sleep. Peter was already up and in the shower, he was excited about seeing the cabin. Peter entered the bedroom with hair that stood on end, and waved as he walked. Rose peeked out of the covers and started to giggle at her handsome, but funny husband. “What are you giggling about?” Peter asked. Rose just kept snickering, then laughing as she hid under the covers. Peter stood in front of the bathroom mirror, letting out a bellowing laugh. “You were right Rose, I do look funny.” Peter said. Rose had slipped out of bed, and was waiting to scare Peter as he came out of the bathroom. Peter stepped past the door frame of the bathroom and there was Rose laughing. She was all giggly and excited to see the cabin. laughing.jpgIt was almost time for Rose and Peter to go see their agent Sam. “Let’s get a bit of breakfast before we go see Sam?” Peter said to Rose. “That would be the best thing ever, I’m starving.” Rose replied as she rubbed her tummy. Breakfast was served in the dinning room. The food was amazing or was it just because they were starving. Soon after breakfast, Peter and Rose headed to Sam’s office. Sam showed them pictures of the cabin, then drove them to see their cabin.  As they drove a long the road they seen a beautiful rolling river, and there in the trees was a quaint little log cabin. On the outside it did not look like much, Rose spoke up and said “Peter, this is our home, I can feel it.”river.jpgOnce inside the cabin Rose was blown away by the beauty of the kitchen, and every other room. Who ever had done the renovations must have loved this little cabin. The care they took in making it a place you wanted to live , was amazing. Peter told Sam, “this is the cabin of our dreams, and we will take it.”

It would look like our couple had found the cabin they had been dreaming about for so many years. Tomorrow, we will join Rose and Peter as they wait for their belongings to show up.

See you then.

Thanks for joining me.

Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

“Have a great Monday, fall is here”  leaves.jpg

I would like to thank all the amazing photographers at Upsplash for their contributions.




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