Choices ( 4 of 5 )

Frank was excited to find out that he was going to be a father. He had gone to work telling all his friends the fantastic news. Heather had called her sister Emma to give her the good news. While on the phone Emma was about to tell Heather something. “What was Emma going to say?”

Emma seemed pretty serious on the other end of the line. Heather had no idea what she was going to tell her, and if it was good or bad. “Are you there?” Emma said. “Yes, I am.” Heather replied. “It’s about dad, he has Alzheimer’s and we need to put in a nursing home to keep him safe.” “He tends to be violent, and has hit mom more than a few times, it doesn’t happen all the time.” Emma explained. Heather was at a loss for words, and a bit stunned by the news. “UM, UM.” Heather stuttered. “Are you okay, Heather?” Emma asked. “Yes, yes, just kinda caught me off guard.” muttered Heather. “Have you looked at nursing homes, around the area you live in?” Heather asked. “I have, and have picked out a few if you are able to come look at them with me, mom and I would love that.”  “That would be great, I will talk with Frank and give you a ring back tomorrow.” “Love you.”
senior.jpgs lady.jpgHeather spoke with Frank about the her father, and putting him in a nursing home. Frank asked Heather, “Would it be okay if we go do this together?”  “I would be so happy to have you there.” Heather boasted.  “If your sister can put off the visiting till this weekend, then we can fly there, then come back on Monday.” “I will call tomorrow, and ask her if that would be okay.” Heather said with excitement in her voice. Going to see her sister, mom, and dad was something Heather had not done for a long time. The rest of the evening was spent looking over baby books, and books with baby names. This wonderful couples were going to become parents, and Frank and Heather had big plans for the babies’ room.
babe.jpgbooks.jpgHeather called her sister to ask if she would be able to look at the nursing homes on the weekend. Emma thought that would be the best time to do the visits and she set up some appointments for the Saturday. Heather spoke with her sister, and caught up on old times. Once Heather had hung up the phone, the phone rang. “Hello,” Heather said. There was no reply. “Can I help you, are you okay?” Heather nervously spoke in a tiny voice. “Are you there?” There was no answer so Heather hung up the phone. Her mind kept trying to figure out, who that could have been. Heather chuckled then smirked, saying to herself, “it must just be one of those pocket dial accident, occurrences.” Then she just shrugged off the call, and never thought of it again. Heather carried on with house work she had started, then got dinner prepped. The dinner would be simple yet delicious, a good hearty vegetable soup, and egg salad sandwiches, which were Franks favorite kind. She set the table, and sat down with a hot cup of coffee, turned on the TV and watch Oprah. Heather woke to the sound of the door bell, She made her way to across the kitchen, then opened the door. There was no one there, a package had been left on the stoop. Heather picked it up, and set the package on the table inside the door.  She looked at her watch, and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking the soup for dinner. Frank would be home in an hour, and the soup would be done by then.soup sand.jpgFrank came home with a big smile on his face, he walked over to Heather and kissed her on the cheek. “How was your day sweetheart?”  he said. “I got Monday off so we can go to the for the weekend, so we don’t have to rush back.” “Great, now sit down and lets eat, I’m starving.” Heather said, with a smile and rub of her tummy.” Dinner was delicious, coffee was served in the living room where Frank and Heather cuddled on the couch. Frank said, “who is the package out on the front table?” Heather said, “it came here this morning, I have no idea what it could be.” box.jpgFrank got the package from the table. The package seemed very light, light for the size of the box. He sat in the chair across from Heather, and began to open the box. He flipped open one side of the box, and moved the paper . He looked inside and his eyes became very round, and his mouth was wide open. Heather said, “what’s inside the box?” Frank didn’t move he was frozen.

“I wonder what was in the box that Frank made freeze up, with his face all distorted?

Thanks for joining me.

Take care of those you love, and be safe.


gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Thursday, and enjoy the weather.”


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