Choices ( 3 of 5 )

Frank had wanted to sell the home they had bought, but Heather was against moving at all. To keep the home, that did not have a mortgage made all the sense in the world. Heather had to tell Frank something. “I wonder what she will say to Frank.”

Heather was due to come home in ten days, she had done so well that her release had been pushed up from the original date. Frank was excited knowing Heather would be back home. He missed having her near him, he missed the tunes she  hummed while, she worked in the kitchen. Frank missed the songs Heather would belt out in the shower, her laughter, the smell of her perfume, that seemed to linger in every room she had been in. Frank loved everything about Heather, and missed her so much. The days seemed to take forever, then the day came when it was time to pick Heather up, and bring her home.laugh.jpgHeather was so excited, but yet nervous at the same time. She had not been in her home for months, and hoped the house was the way it was before. Before she chose drugs as her best friend.  Choosing drugs had taken so much away from Heather. Those where things that Heather, and her councilor had worked on, and would work on for quite sometime.  Heather had a beautiful red dress, Frank had purchased for her to come home in.  Her hair had grown longer than before. Heather had used some make up to bring out the green in her eyes, and red lip color as the finishing touch. Her feet were covered in a white pair of high heels. “Stunning” was the only word that the staff kept saying to Heather. Once Frank arrived the staff asked to take a picture of Heather alone then, one of Frank and Heather. As Heather and Frank left the rehab centre, Heather turned and waved good-by to all her new friends. Frank took Heather to a fancy restaurant for dinner, then a walk around the water front, then home.dress.jpg The photos arrived in the mail, along with beautiful frames around each picture.  Heather loved them so much, and placed the photos in the livingroom, so that Frank could see them when he came home after work.  Heather was so thankful, so she went out to got a beautiful card to send to the rehab centre. She stopped by the drugstore, where she used to work as a pharmacists. One of the girls there noticed her,  and stopped to say “hello,” to Heather. Heather walked over, and said “hello” to the pharmacist, making sure she got his attention, then she turned, and walked away. “I have no idea why she did that, but it made her feel good.” Returning home after getting the card and stamps, Heather started a late dinner. The kitchen was filled with the smells of blended herbs and spices. Dinner was going to be special as she had something to tell Frank. Heather had two, very fine cuts of steak, she roasted potatoes, fresh mixed vegetables, fresh-baked bread, and a savory au jus to pour over the potatoes. Frank promised he would be home by eight thirty and was on time as he had promised. The photos caught his eye as soon as he entered the house. “When did you receive the photos?” he said. “They came in the mail today, and I was so surprised when I opened the package.” Heather answered.steak.jpgDinner was served on a romantically set table with candles. The food was superb, every minute of dinner was like old times. Frank thanked Heather for preparing such a great dinner, he walked over and kissed on the lips. “It’s so good to have you home, I love you.” Frank said. Heather replied, “I love you too.” Heather had Frank sit down and relax, she served coffee, and cake in the livingroom. The setting was perfect to talk with Frank. Heather sat across from Frank, and told him she had something to tell him. Frank looked a little puzzled, and had a weird look on his face. Heather said, “are you okay Frank?” “yes, I am fine, but a bit puzzled.” Frank muttered with a shrug of his shoulders. Heather reassured him that the topic was not bad. “Frank,” she said. “I have a card for you that will explain everything.” Heather passed a blue envelope with a card in it, to Frank. He looked at her again. “What is this?” He said. “Just open it silly, it will make you smile.”desert.jpgFrank opened the envelope, and read the card. “I love you just because, because you are so handsome, because you take good care of me, because you are my husband. Then, Frank opened the card, a huge pop up came jumping from the open card. Frank dropped the card, as the pop up startled him. He picked it up and opened the card again, there on top of the pop up was a baby with a rattle in its hand. Frank could not believe his eyes, he looked at Heather asking, “is this for real?” Heather smiled and nodded her head yes. Frank was up from his chair, pulling Heather from her seat, and hugged her lightly. “How far along are we?” Heather chuckled, and said, “Three and a half months.”  “Did the doctor say the baby was healthy?” Frank asked. “The doctor is going to have an ultrasound done this month to make sure, and at that time we will be able to find out what gender the baby is.” she said. baby.jpgFrank was on cloud nine, and could not contain his happiness. The next day at work he told all his friends about him becoming a dad. Heather was very happy as well, she was going to become a mom. She called her sister and let her know they were having a baby. Her sister Emma was very happy for the both of them. Emma became quiet, and said, “Heather, I have some news to tell you, and I don’t know how to start.”

Join me, as we follow Heather and Frank through their choices together.

Thank you for popping in.

Take care of you and yours and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

“Have a great Wednesday, and enjoy the weather”

Thank you to all the Upsplash photographers for their excellent work.

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  1. I am enjoying your Blog about the cruise you went on, I went on the same one, I really enjoyed it. Great that you enjoyed your Thanks Giving, it was an excellent day for me with my family, The weather here is really nice today it was 20 degrees. Enjoy doing your Blogs they are great.


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