Choices ( 2 of 5 )

Heather and Frank had experienced the time of their lives while honey mooning on the island of Bora Bora. It was time to head home to the hustle and bustle of the city.

The lights of the city where as beautiful as they had remembered. Traveling on the city streets was easy, and there was not may people driving their cars at this time of the day. Everything seems so quiet, but once morning came all the quiet will burst into cars honking, children will be walking to school, some followed by their parents. The laughter is music to the ears, the voices coming from the school yard at break time, are happy and playful. The difference between night and day is enormous. This used to be a part of the city where families raised their children, and grew old. Now gangs had moved in, making the streets risky, and the drugs plentiful. Frank said the prices of the home they bought would be less than another part of the city. Heather made sure that cameras were installed to keep them and their belongs safe. The majority of the gang members were dads with children of their own. They would say hello, or wave as they went by. survailance.jpgcity lights.jpgBack to work again, and Frank’s job place was booming. It almost looked like there was no end to the explosion of extra work. Frank was working over-time almost every night while Heather was either at work, or home waiting for Frank. It was quite lonely for Heather, as Frank was hardly ever home. Heather went and volunteered at a group home for girl, working a shift once or twice a week. The job filled the loneliness with the voices of the girl, and the other workers. Heather got another look at the streets through her volunteering. The streets were mean, and Heather had a birds eye view of the whole thing. She had seen so many ladies of the night being beaten by their pimps.  Then seeking shelter in hopes that this time would be the time, they would get away from the violence. Some of the ladies where so far gone with drug addiction that they were sent to the hospital to dry out.home girls.jpgThe drugs on the street had come to Heather’s front door, for a price of course. Heather tried some light drugs to take away the pain of her missing her husband. Frank had noticed the difference in Heather, and had to find  away to be home at nights for Heather. Frank told Heather he was going to ask for less time working, and more time at home. Heather had become so distant that, she would not listen to Frank anymore. At work Heather would pocket a few pills during work at the pharmacy. Soon the missing pills became noticeable, at one point Heather was caught on camera pocketing the pills. Her choice to steal drugs from her work led her to loosing a job she loved. The day of being fired, Heather began to use hard drugs, falling lower than she had ever been in her life. crying.jpgHeather would wear long sleeves to cover up the needle marks on her arms from Frank. She had lost so much weight, that Frank put her in the hospital for testing to find out what was going happening to her. The tests came back as drug addition, and Frank was thrown for a loop. His once beautiful wife, was now a full-blown drug user. The hospital help Frank send Heather to a rehab facility, where she would stay for the next three months. Frank did his best to visit everyday, but with his work that didn’t always happen. Heather had been doing really well until, a visitor snuck in some drugs, putting her back on the program again. Now, Frank was the lonely one, and he found it hard to deal with the loneliness. Witho one at home, Frank went to a shelter and adopted a black cat, that met him at the door when he came home. The wait to have Heather home took more time than he had expected.DSC_0051Heather got better and better as time passed, but coming home to that neighbourhood would make it very hard for her to stay straight. She needed support from her husband, family, and counselors. Frank had mentioned to Heather about finding a new home that would help them both to work back to the way they used to be. Heather didn’t want to move from the home that they had paid off a long time ago. To most that would be the logical choice. Frank knew he was the only one with the income now, and not taking on a new mortgage would make life easier. Heather wanted to work again, but with the drug theft at the drugstore, and there were no other jobs to use as references. Heather had something to tell Frank, and didn’t know how to tell him. She did not know how he would take the news me tomorrow as we discover what Heather has to tell Frank. “Will it be good or bad?”

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Tuesday, and enjoy the weather”

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