Choices ( 1 of 5 )

There are choices we make in our lives. Some choices lead us down a good path that results in a good comfortable, enjoyable life. There are other choices that can turn your world upside down, and leave you near death.

Heather and Frank were in love andĀ inseparable when they met. A young couple, who had great plans for their future together. Frank got a fair paying job at an office not far from the home they had purchased together. Heather worked as a pharmacist in small drug store, located in the local mall near home. Business was booming in the office where Frank worked, and his future ahead looked fantastic. Heather worked hard and loved the job she did. With the drugstore in the mall it made it safer than on the street. After all this wasn’t the greatest part of the city.Ā new home couple.jpgFor two years Frank and Heather lived together, and paid off the house so that they would always have a home to live in. Getting married was part of their life plan. One cool evening in October Frank asked Heather to marry him. Of course Heather said, “yes.” A small wedding was all they wanted, one with close friends and family. The wedding was to take place in the park, close to the mall. The park had big trees, green grass, the kind you could lay on, and actually sink into. The gardens throughout the park where absolutely aromatic, and the color palette filled your eyes with numerous blazing colors. A small running brook ran through the location that Frank and Heather had picked to have their vows read. wedding.jpgThe medium-sized meeting space was rented for the reception. The dinner would be a catered affair, consisting of a wide variety of foods, deserts, beverages, and a three dollar per drink bar.Ā  There was some dancing with the musicĀ  being supplied by a D.J. The wedding cake was two layers, made of french vanilla cake with raspberry butter cream filling, and butter cream flowers, and piping. The wedding cake was beautiful, and the taste left you wanting one more piece. Pictures of the couple had been taken in the middle of a rose garden. Heather’s dress was simple white, with beading around the waist line, and the veil had beading around the edge. Her flowers were daisies tied with a yellow ribbon. Heather was beautiful and Frank was handsome in his tuxedo.Ā cake.jpgThe wedding was a hit. Frank and Heather would be off in the morning on a honey moon to the island of Bora, Bora. They had a cottage on the water with meals delivered to their table. The waters around and under the cottage were a pale blue so clear that you can see everything on the bottom. The star fish were so beautiful, and the fish, “well!” Heather and Frank spent the whole day watching the fish go here and there and back again. This place was paradise in the middle of nowhere. A place where Frank and Heather felt they could live in forever. But, in time they would have to go back to the city, the traffic, the pollution, and the people. They would be planning another trip to the island in the near future.Ā  As for now they had many activities planned, and were very excited to get started on them. On their last day of their honey moon they had dinner outdoors on the dock and watched the sun set and the stars it was time to leave paradise Heather cried some, and Frank held her till her tears stopped. While on the plane home, they could see the hut on the water, and Heather waved good-by. After a nap on the plane the hostess came around with wine, water, sodas, snacks and a menu of lunch items. The food on the plane was never good, so Heather ordered the pizza while Frank had a roast beef sandwich. When the food came Frank looked at Heather and said, “what is that supposed to be?” “Pizza,” Heather said, with the most disgusting look on her face. There were only three pieces of dried up pepperoni, the cheese did not even cover the dough, and the sauce was too heavy. Heather gave her meal back to the hostess, and said, “if I had a dog, he would make a pizza way better than this.” “It really isn’t edible.” Frank’s sandwich didn’t look too bad, could have had more beef, and fresher bun, but not something he wouldn’t eat. The plane finally had landed, and Heather was starving, Frank was a bit peckish too.sandwichFrank found a nice place to eat, not far from the airport. Heather ordered the banquet burger, while Frank had a steak and baked potato with the works. Once dinner was done they made their way home to a warm bed and a few more days off.

All the planning this couple had made for their life together seemed to be going just as planned.Ā  “Would their plans stay on track or not?”

Join me to tomorrow for the next part of Choices.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Wishing everyone a great Monday, September 16th.”


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