The bigger plan ( 5 of 5 )

The phone rang and dad got up to answer it. Dad’s face became bright red in color, the grip on the phone receiver was tight, so tight that his knuckles turned white. “What was happening on the other end of the phone line?”

Nora went to Artie’s side to see if he was having a heart attack. She tapped him on the shoulder saying, “are you okay honey?” Artie’s face was distorted, and Nora was worried. “Come sit down Artie.” “Please.” She took the phone from his hand and placed it on the counter. Nora led Artie to the nearest chair, and sat him down. His heart was pounding as sweat poured down his face. Bridgett got an ice-cold cloth and placed it on the back of his neck. Bridgett placed her fingers on his neck timing his heart rate. Barbara held his hand and watched as Bridgett wiped his forehead with another cold cloth. Artie was starting to calm down a little and began to relax , his heart rate was going down. He was doing much better now, but who was on the phone?dad.jpgphone.jpgBridgett went over to answer the phone to see who was on the other end of the line. “Hello!” Bridgett said. The voice on the other line said, “you will regret this Miss Barbara.” “Pardon me,” Bridgett said. Bridgett asked calmly, “who is this speaking?” The voice on the other end of the line said, “who are you?” Bridgett said, “I asked first.” “Who are you?” “Look, you stupid witch, don’t act like you don’t know who I am.” “It’s your Uncle Bernie.” Bridgett’s voice did not change in tone nor volume, she just said, “I would imagine you are calling from jail, where all conversations are taped.” “I believe you threatened me?” “Thank you Uncle Bernie for the threat.” Bridgett returned the receiver to its cradle, and walked back to the table, checking on Artie before she sat down. Artie was doing very well, and he was talking. Nora wanted to take him to the hospital to make sure this was not a heart attack. jail call.jpgjail.jpgWith Nora and Barbara so worried about Artie Bridgett brought the car to the door of the house. Barbara and her mom helped Artie down the stairs. Arriving at the hospital Nora told the lady at the reception desk about what happened to her husband. Artie was wheeled into a room, where his clothes were being taken off by a team of nurses, a gown was put on him a long with heart monitor pads, blood pressure cuff, and intravenous. He was going into the hospital for the day and tests would be done.  The doctor would see if he could go home tomorrow. The nurse reassured Nora that it was just a precaution, and he would be home tomorrow. Artie was wheeled to a cardiac unit and settled in. Artie had a bed closest to the window so he could see outside. The nurse said he was only allowed one visitor at a time, and only for fifteen minutes. Hospital rules said Artie could not have visitors over night so the ladies headed home for a restful sleep. intervenous.jpgmonitor.jpgOnce home everyone sat around the table talking about what had made Artie so excited. Barbara wondered who was on the phone. She turned to Bridgett and asked, “was there anyone on the phone when you picked it up?” “There was just a dead line when I picked up the receiver.” She said to Barbara.  We all know that was not the truth, but it was just Bridgett’s way of not letting Barbara feel unsafe. All she wanted to do was protect her sister from this jerk of an uncle. After Barbara and her mom were sound asleep, Bridgett called the local police station asking for the police chief. A man came on the phone, and said his name was Inspector Bill Johnson.  “Can I help you?” “Yes Sir.” Bridgett said. She explained, “I am Barbara Dawson’s sister, you have her uncle in custody for attacking her a couple weeks ago.” “His name is Bernie, he placed a call to the house this morning. At that time Artie answered the phone and is in the hospital with a possible heart attack.” “Barbara does not know he called, it’s better she does not know.” “I spoke with Bernie and informed him that all calls from jail are taped.” “He threatened Barbara.” “He had no idea it was me on the phone.” “Could you please check to see if he made a call from jail today, and was it taped?” Inspector Johnson said, “I will look into it ASAP and let you know.” Bridgett asked, “please don’t call the house, when Barbara and her mom go to the hospital to see Artie.” “I will come down to see you at the police station and give a statement.”police.jpgWith a new day starting the whole world looked better. Barbara and her mom headed for the hospital to see how Artie was doing. Bridgett headed for the police station once Barbara was out of sight. The inspector had found the recording and it had been put into evidence with all the other articles. Bridgett gave her statement and spoke with the inspector for a few minutes, then left the station. She headed for the hospital to see how Barbara’s dad was doing. Artie was sitting up in the bed and was able to go back home today. Barbara and her mom had gone downstairs to get coffee and a bite to eat, so Bridgett talked to Artie. Bridgett explained what she had done before coming to the hospital, and how Bernie would not be calling the house again. Artie was so pleased, and said, “you really are like a big sister to my daughter, and we love you for that.” “I will protect her as much as the law will let me, so please don’t speak of this to Barbara.” “Let this be our secret.” Bridgett said. station.jpgstatement.jpgWith Artie back home, the rest of the week was calm, with many conversations about school, and family. Bridgett took this time to ask the Dawson family if they would like to join her family for Christmas at their home. The whole family all children and parents are invited. “Please don’t say no, my mother is already planning everything as we speak.” Mr. and Mrs. Dawson agreed and Christmas was a go. Bridgett called her mom and said, “It’s a green light on Christmas.”  Her mom was over joyed, and Bridgett passed the phone to Nora to speak with her mom. christmas.jpgChristmas was held at Bridgett’s home with a celebration no one would ever forget. As for the creepy uncle he got two life terms with no chance of parole. Barbara never has to worry about him ever again. “Like they say, if you do the crime, you pay the time behind bars.”

The end. Join me Monday for a whole new story, from my imagination.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a fantastic Friday, and enjoy the weekend.”

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