The bigger plan ( 4 of 5 )

Bridgett was very furious about what Barbara’s uncle had done to her. Barbara went to hospital to be examined, and after the police were summoned to get the facts from Barbara. Bridgett was by her side through the entire process. 

Once home from reporting the attack, both ladies sat quietly on the sofa in their room. Barbara was exhausted and felt like she just had been defiled all over again. She was crying again, and through her tears she explained how she felt to Bridgett. The hospital gave her some medication to help her sleep, and relax. Bridgett gave Barbara two pills, and had her lay down and get some sleep. It was so quiet in the room, the halls where empty, but soon would be crowded with other students back from school. Bridgett wanted to call Barbara’s parents, but she figured it would be best to see them in person. Tomorrow they would be heading to Barbara’s home, and by that time her uncle would be in jail.patient.jpgmeds.jpgBarbara slept soundly all night without waking once. Bridgett had gone to see the counselor at the college, and had set up some meetings for Barbara to talk to them, and work through what had happened to her during the holidays. Bridgett had also seen the teachers of their courses, and explained as much as she could, and it would be okay for them to be absent for the next week. She asked if it would be okay if they could make up time off the classes once they returned. There was no problem, and they wished Barbara a speedy recovery.  Barbara was up and ready to start a new day. Bridgett could see the hurt still in her eyes and the fear of going home to see her parents.sleep.jpgwaking up.jpgThe phone rang, and on the other end were the police. Barbara’s uncle had been arrested, and was in jail.  He would be there for a couple of months, maybe more, as it was up to the courts, and their back load of cases. Barbara took a deep breath of relief and gave Bridgett a little grin. Bridgett explained to Barbara that she had set up counseling once they came back from her parents house. She said that she had booked both of them off for the next week, and told her how they could make up the classes they would be missing. Barbara hugged Bridgett, and said, “what would I have done if I didn’t have a sister like you.” Barbara gave Bridgett a peck on the cheek then turned and headed for the shower. council.jpgdriving.jpgOnce their suitcases where packed the ladies got in the car, and were on their way to Barbara’s parents house. Barbara was very nervous, as she kept going over and over what she was going to say to her mom and dad. Bridgett reassured her everything would be okay and not to worry so much. Bridgett turned up the radio and the ladies started singing songs loud enough that everyone could hear them when they came to a stop light. The drive took Barbara’s mind off her parents and talking to them.

car sing.jpgIt was not long before the ladies reached Barbara’s home. Mom and Dad were sitting on the front porch and where excited when the car pulled up. Barbara’s mom came running to the car, and opened the door to help her daughter out. Mom hugged her so tight that she could hardly breathe. Everyone headed for the house, and went inside. Mom made coffee as dad sat at the end of the table, he never said a word. Coffee was poured into the mugs and mom sat down. Dad said, “what did we do to have such beautiful ladies visit us again?” Bridgett spoke up, “we could not stay away any longer.” “Barbara just keeps talking about her parents, so much that I suggested we come visit.” Barbara’s dad chuckled and said, “really!” “How nice to have you here.” Everyone talked about school and how the classes were doing. The phone rang, rang, and rang. “I’m coming for goodness sake, hold onto your pants.” Barbara’s father said. phone.jpgThe ringing of the phone put Barbara into panic mode, Bridgett grabbed her hand to stop her from running away. Dad came back from the phone with tears in his eyes, it was uncle Bernie’s wife telling him about the arrest, and what he was charged with. Dad did not stop at his seat, but came straight to his daughter and hugged her and cried. “I’m so sorry we didn’t know, why didn’t you tell us?” Mom was asking, “what is wrong, what happened?” She could see Barbara crying with her head on her dad’s shoulder. Mom stood up and asked, “what is happening?” Barbara stepped back from her dad, and said, “sit down mom and I will fill you in on what is going on.” Mom sat while she held Barbara’s hands, starring in her eyes. By the time Barbara had finished the details of the attack, her mom was in tears, all of us were in tears. Mom said, “we love you Barbara, and we are sorry we had no idea what  happened to you.” Dad spoke up, “I hope that pig rots in jail for the rest of his life.”prison.jpgIt was a very emotional day for Barbara and her family. The whole day was spent close together and supporting Barbara. Her pain was let out now and Bridgett was happy to see her relax, and enjoy her time home. When the night came, sleep called everyone. Bridgett slept in the same room as Barbara, which made Barbara feel safer. Morning came earlier than anyone wanted it too. As breakfast was being eaten by everyone, the phone rang again.

I wonder who could be on the other end? Was it good news, or was it bad news?

“Join me tomorrow to find out who is on the other end of the phone line.”

Thank you for dropping by.

Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a glorious day, and hug the ones you love”

“I would like to thank all the photographers at Upsplash for your contribution.”











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