The bigger plan (3 of 5 )

 Back to college came way too fast but, Bridgett wanted to get back so she could see her new sister Barbara. As Barbara came through the door of their room, Bridgett rushed to hug her sister. Barbara’s face was so sad and when Bridgett hugged her  Barbara began to cry.

Bridgett was really concerned about what was wrong with Barbara. Bridgett had figured with the holidays and family all together she would have plenty of stories to tell. That did not happen. What had been so bad that Barbara was in tears? Barbara did not stop crying for what seemed like a forever. Bridgett helped Barbara bring in her bags, then led Barbara to her bed where she slumped down. She sat there with her face in her hands sobbing uncontrollably. Sitting beside her Bridgett put her arm on Barbara’s shoulder, and talked softly to her. Handing Barbara a few tissues, Barbara wiped her tears and blow her nose. cry.jpgBridgett asked Barbara, “what is wrong, is your family alright, is there something wrong with your mom or dad?” Bridgett needed answers so she could help her sister. Barbara looked up at Bridgett and the words that came out of her mouth scrambled Bridgett’s brain. Was she hearing the words right, or was this a cruel joke played on a beautiful lady? Bridgett could not speak for a while as Barbara sat looking at her. Tears started to roll down Bridgett’s face, she was shaking while she paced back and forth in the room.  “I can’t believe someone would…”  Bridgett was silently mumbling to herself. Barbara stood and grabbed Bridgett by the shoulders stopping her in her tracks. Her eyes were red and swollen, her teeth were clenched together, and her fists tightly closed. It looked like hot air was coming out of Bridgett’s ears she was that angry. angry.jpgBarbara hugged her trying to calm her down. Bridgett was, to say the least, “Pissed!” Her sister had been hurt and she was not happy. During the holidays Barbara’s Uncle Bernie had broken into her room and attacked her. She tried to scream but, he had his hand over her mouth then strangled her till she passed out. She had hand prints on her neck with large bruises. She had bruises on her body from him tearing off her bed clothing. This Uncle Bernie, was a pig of a man and, would always grab at her and, hold her around the waist. Barbara fought back the last time and, punched him in the face breaking his nose. Everyone around him laughed at him which made him even more angry at her. He said he would get her, and he would hurt her bad. As far as he was concerned he had the right to pay her back.cryer.jpgBarbara had not let her parents know what happened and, she kept the bruises hid from them. She was afraid to tell them because, Uncle Bernie was her dad’s brother. Barbara had taken a swab for DNA and packed it up and kept it cool. Barbara never left her parent’s side. Barbara went to bed and pulled a dresser then her bed against the door. She squirted baby oil on the floor so he would slip and fall if he came in. She did all that so he could not get in again. He was a vile man and he smelled bad, his teeth were rotten, making his breath smell like he had eaten dog poop. He was discussing. Bridgett looked at Barbara and said, “we are going to the hospital and, we are talking to the police then giving them the sample you took.” Bridgett held Barbara’s hand through the whole experiance. Barbara was so afraid about what her mom and dad would say. She was afraid they would blame her or call her a liar. The police said he would be arrested and would stay in jail till his bail hearing in a month, due to the cases in the courts. jail.jpgwire.jpgBridgett made sure Barbara was doing good, she promised to make sure of that. Barbara was thanking God for her new sister and the love Bridgett had for her. With out Bridgett, Barbara would have hidden the attack, and Uncle Bernie would have either done it again to her, or maybe one of her sisters.

Join me as we find out what happens next.

Thank you for joining me.

Take care of each other and, be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have yourselves a beautiful Wednesday”

I would like to take this time to thank all the magnificent photographers at Upslpash for their contributions.

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