The bigger plan ( part 2 of 5 )

Bridgett and Barbara had found the best friendships in each other. They had a connection like sisters, but from different mothers. 

College was good as both Bridgett and Barbara studied hard and with the teamwork they practiced the girls marks were higher each time an exam was taken.  The day came when the girls were given the question. “What did you want to be once your education was over?” Bridgett and Barbara had not really thought about what line of work they would be best suited for. Sure they had dreams when they were little but, since then they had grown up. Education was so important at this time so the question really was not relevent. Bridgett and Barbara sat thinking about what they wanted to do once college and university was over. girls talk.jpgBridgett wanted to have a glamorous job with a touch of adventure. Barbara had always wanted to be a lawyer then eventually a judge. With so much more education yet to receive, both girls had to take a direction or at least have an idea what their  job might be. There was a lot of research to do and many careers to look over before they could make a choice. Both girls headed for the library to get as much information on careers as they could. There was also the internet which had many choices and gave an estimate on how much education they needed to obtain the career of their choice. The big thing that puzzled the girls was, what would happen if the career did not fit the person? Career choices have been known to end because the person was not able to exist in that career, or hated the job after choosing it. This may only happen one in a million but, it was a chance. No matter how the choice was going to made an answer had to be found. fire.jpg Firefighter.

nursing.jpg  Nursepolice.jpg    Police Officer.teacher.jpg   Teacher

College holidays were here and Bridgett headed home to her family, as Barbara headed home to see her parents, brothers and sisters. Bridgett saw many changes in the house as soon as she opened the front door, mom and dad had been very busy. They had painted almost every room in the house, new carpets, curtains, new kitchen right down to the table and chairs. “I’m home mom, dad!” Bridgett yelled from the front door. “Is there anyone home?” “Yes, upstairs,” someone called back. Bridgett left her suitcase beside the front door and ran up the stairs to find mom and dad painting her old room. “Whats going on?” “Is this not my room?” Bridgett asked. “Used to be but we are up grading it for our older daughter the one in college,” Mom said with a snicker.paint.jpgThanksgiving was a time for thanks, and the Morgan family was just like any other family.  They where thankful for the closeness they had for each other, the food on their table and the roof over their heads. Bridgett was grateful for finding a best friend/ sister as she called Barbara. All during dinner Bridgett told her mom and dad about Barbara and all the things they did together. Bridgett asked, “can Barbara could  and her family come to our place for Christmas?” Bridgett said, “there are quite a few members of her family, and I would like them to meet both of you.”  Her mom agreed and dad just stood there looking dumb founded. “I will find out when I go back to school and, let you know how many would be coming.” Bridgett said with a spark of excitement in her voice.

turkey.jpgthankful.jpgthanksgiving.jpgBridgett and her family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and, where looking forward to Christmas. Even if dad did not say much he was as excited as mom to meet Barbara’s family. No matter how big their family was. There could be ten or fifteen, it did not matter. The space could be taken care of by doubling up family members, plus the basement was finished and the rooms were quite large. Soon it was time for Bridgett to head back to college and, see her new sister. The drive back was quiet, as Bridgett’s mind was going over a Christmas list for Barbara and, her family. She was so very Barbara was excited to meet her new sister Bridgett after the holiday. They had spent too many days away from each other, and there was so much to talk about. Bridgett was excited to ask Barbara about Christmas, and if her family would be interested in coming to her home to celebrate the season. When Barbara came into the room they shared, Bridgett ran to hug Barbara. Barbara looked very sad and when Bridgett hug her she began to sob holding her new sister tightly.

hug.jpgSomething was wrong with Barbara and, when we return tomorrow the reason will unravel. Is there going to be bad news or good news? Join me!

Thank you for joining me.

Take care of your loved ones and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have yourself a wonder day filled with all things good”

I would like to thank all the talented photographers at Upsplash for their contributions. 

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