The bigger plan (part 1 of 5 )

Ever since Bridgett was little she wanted to have a career that was glamorous, mysterious, elegant and, adventurous at the same time.

Bridgett was born and raised in a bedroom community outside of Delta just, north of Whitchhazel. She grew up in a modest home with good parents, greatĀ  friends she made in the community. Bridgett was and always had been a chubby girl with blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. Bridgett found out at an early age that humans can be mean. She was bullied relentlessly by the children at school. The children had nick named her “porky.” There were many other names they had said to her, but this was the one that stuck. She was taunted, spit on, pushed down, and beaten a couple of times.


Her parents, Bob and Louise Morgan had gone to her school and the police and reported the abuse. The police, and the school did very little to stop the abuse. It came to the point where Bridgett did not want to go to school anymore. She began to hate how she looked, how she talked, and who she was. Her real identity had been stripped away from her, by those that had no clue of who she really was. Children would not talk to her or sit beside her, they just targeted her because of the way she looked. Bridgett’s parents found her a councilor. They tried very hard to pull her out of depression, but she was stuck. Like she was standing in quick sand, and sinking further down each day. Louise did her best to home school Bridgett, so she would never get behind in her studies. Her mom took her on educational trips to the big city every week

home schooltrip.png

Home schooling and counselingĀ  went on for thirteen years. Bridgett had returned to the young lady she was before the abuse had started. The family turned into a close unit, and if I may say, “a very happy one.” Bridgett had been sheltered from the mean words and actions of totally ignorant people who did not use their brains to think. Soon it would be time for college, and leaving the security of home and family. Mom and dad planned a big graduation party for Bridgett, and invited close family and close friends to the party for Bridgett before she left.Ā party.jpgtoast.jpg

With the passing of time Bridgett had turned from a chubby little girl into a beautifulĀ  stunning lady. She was tall and thin, had milky white skin that felt like velvet, her eyes sparkled like diamonds on a pale blue ocean, her lips, are ruby-red in color, and her smile could captivate anyone. She had been taught by her mom, who had let her experience anything educational that would help her grow. Mom had done a great job home schooling her daughter and was proud of her.Ā  Bridgett was well equipped for college, and had been accepted by Rattenly, the top college in the country. Her mom, dad and family where very proud of her. Bridgett was well on her way to a new chapter in her life, leaving the past behind.


The trip to college would be a long one but Bob and Louise planned a trip on the way to Rattenly. They left four days early, visiting some of the parks, concert halls, and comedy places. The time together was filled with memories that would be cherished forever. Her parents would not see Bridgett till Thanksgiving or Christmas Holidays and that would be an eternity for this family. Dad gave Bridgett a cell phone so she could be in touch with them if she needed. But, mom called her every night to find out how her day had gone. Bridgett missed her parents a lot. There would be a lot of tears when they arrived at the college and left their daughter books.jpgBridgett was rooming with a girl from Africa, and was learning what the word, “real friend” meant.Ā  The two of them were more like sister than total strangers. Together, Bridgett and her new sister Barbara stood side by side making their way through course after course. Helping each other to succeed.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Bridgett and Barbara on their journey through college and life. Try not to miss what happens next.

Thanks for returning.

Take of you and your and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Monday”





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