World doctors (part 5 of 5)

It would seem that Jacob nor Sarah could understand why God would let so may people suffer such pain. It would seem that these doctors were placed here to help heal the suffering.

Sarah and Jacob woke early the next morning. The day was hot and sticky which made it hard for all the doctors, nurses and patients. The heat inside the hospital was almost intolerable, if not for the few fans blowing the air hot around there would be no relief. The line of patients had dwindled by half, and the doctors could slow down a little and not rush around so much. This also gave the doctors a chance to make rounds and visit their patients to make sure they were healing and gaining some strength. The biggest event on this day was a mom giving birth to a beautiful set of twin boys. The birth re-enforce the blessings in this world. twins.jpg

Days had passed with a definite slow down in the volume of patients. The doctors and nurses pulled together to clean up the hospital in their spare time. Gallons of paint had been stored in the basement along with cleaning products, brooms mops, and a variety of blankets with sheets, plus some tools. The team was determined to clean this hospital up, before they moved on to another remote area. Maya’s sister had come to visit with her a couple of times, giving Sarah a chance to find out about where they lived and if they had parents.¬† Sarah had found out that the sisters had been abandoned by their family three years earlier. The sister had been working in a food store making enough money for a place to live and food to eat. Hanya (the sister) said that she could hardly take care of Maya at times.¬†sisters.jpgHanya was thin and you could see how her hard life was taking a toll on her body. Hanya was only twelve years old, she had no education, no good food and no parents. Her future and the future of Maya were on the line and Sarah was determined¬†not to let this place take their lives. Sarah went everyday to sit with Maya, each time Maya would hold out her arms for Sarah to hold her. There was even one day when Maya called Sarah momma. Sarah cried tears of joy that day and it was the same for Jacob, Maya always wanted him to hold her. Maya was gaining weight, and would sit up on her own now. Her legs were not quite strong enough to hold her up right yet, but she was on her way.sarahRoom by room the hospital took on a new look, beds painted, chairs, and tables, lights in each room, and a curtain on each window. The doctors passed on their talents to the resident doctors and nurses. There seemed to be a new out look on the hospital. Even the patients that came for care talked about the beauty of the place. There were days that the patient volume was high and made it hectic for the team, but they loved their jobs and liked healing and Jacob spent off time painting their small room which made it look much better. A call came into the hospital saying there had been a stabbing and a female patient was on her way into the hospital. Sarah and Jacob headed for the emergency, but when the patient arrived they knew who she was. Hanya had been stabbed thirteen times in the chest and abdomen during a robbery. She was barely clinging to life, blood was everywhere and her breathing was laboured. Sarah held her hand and softly spoke to her. Jacob had to do whatever he could to save her. Jacob and a team of doctors took her into an operating room. The team did their best to save Hanya but, the stab wounds had hit her heart and kidneys too many times. Hanya¬†passed away that day. Tears fell from everyone in the room,¬† Sarah broke down sobbing over Hanya’s¬†body. Jacob and Sarah buried her in the gardens of the hospital court-yard so Hanya could always smell the pretty flowers for eternity.¬†garden.jpgbary.jpgSarah and Jacob had talked about Maya and the fact that she was an orphan now and they had a responsiblity to make sure Maya had a safe loving family. It was a no brainer, they just had to adopt Maya and take her away from the danger this country was going through. Jacob started to ask the nurses in the hospital how Sarah and himself could adopt Maya. A nurse named Tilly told them they must go to the military chief in command and ask to adopt Maya. Tilly took Sarah and Jacob to the commander in charge and Jacob spoke clearly and to the point. The commander said Sarah and Jacob would have to pay a fee of ten thousand dollars then he would sign papers to let Maya be their daughter.¬† It took no time at all for Sarah and Jacob to raise the money. Maya was their daughter and when Maya said momma it was true.¬†papers.jpgThe team was excited about the adoption. Everyone had witnessed¬†the love between Sarah and Jacob and spoke openly to the couple about making their relationship legal in the eyes of God. Sarah looked at Jacob and smiled. Jacob did not have a ring neither did Sarah. Tilly got a merchant she knew who sold jewelry, Tilly got him to come to the hospital with a large variety of rings. Jacob picked out a wedding band for Sarah that had diamonds all the way around the band. It was so beautiful. Sarah picked a ring for Jacob that had six diamonds around the band. Tilly gathered the ladies she knew and¬† together a wedding with food, music and minister was planned. A large room in the hospital was set up for a wedding. Tilly took Sarah out to get a pretty dress to wear, and a vail. Her flowers were from the garden where Hanya was laid¬†to rest. Jacob had been given a suit to wear for the wedding. Later that evening a wedding cerimony was held in a room filled with doctors, nurses, and friends.¬†Sarah and Jacob were married. Maya was brought down the isle in a small wagon, Maya was dressed in a blue dress with a pink hat. She was so pretty.¬†rings.jpgwedding1.jpgmaya.jpgwedding.jpgThe wedding was wonderful and a family was born. Maya now had a momma and daddy, and her life would never be the same again. Sarah and Jacob moved onto a new hospital with sick people, and with them was their daughter Maya.

The end.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care out there and be safe.

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