World doctors (part 4 of 5)

The hospital was about to have an incoming amount of injured. The alarm bells have rung and now it’s back to work helping the injured in this impoverished country.

As the team of doctors entered the emergence area, they set back a step or two. The amount of blood trickling across the floor was overwhelming. The militants had created this carnage, and the smell of blood permeated through the rooms. Doctors moved quickly taking beds and wheeling people away with missing arms, legs, and deep slashes in their bodies. Sarah help one lady with a badly cut face, she stopped the bleeding then bandaged the wounds as well as she was able to with the supplies they had brought. Her eyes moved around the room and came upon a young boy with his arm severed.arm1.jpgweapons.jpgSarah always had so much compassion for those she was taking care of. When her eyes set upon this young boy, her compassion turned into anger. Not, anger for the boy nor the other patients. It was the ruthless militants that did this to a child. “How many other children died at their hands and what tortures did they endure before they died?” Sarah’s eyes welled up with tears. She stood around the corner so one would see her tears. Sarah needed to pull herself together and help the young boy till he could be taken to surgery. cry.jpgtears.jpg

Sarah wiped away her tears and went to help the boy. He was pale and staring straight forward. He was in shock and needed a bed right away. Sarah ran to the room that held all the beds and wheel one out to the boy. With the help of another doctor they raised him onto the bed, Sarah quickly covered him with a sheet, and spoke to him softly. He was rushed into an operating room where Sarah and another doctor worked on the shoulder. After what seemed like forever the boy was moved into recovery, where he was monitored by a kind nurse.bed.jpgBack in the operating room Jacob did his best to repair the bodies of those who lost limbs. His mind kept saying, “if only this was a better hospital, all these limbs could be put back on.” “If only.” He worked tirelessly for hours, and finally he was released for his first break of the day. There were bed lined up in the halls and in a dirty room, with no air, no light. He made his way past room after room of injured.sick.jpgJacob came upon a nurse standing by a bed with a child in it, Jacob asked, “do you know of a young girl by the name of Maya?” The nurse moved to the end of the bed and pointed at the little girl in the bed. “This is Maya.” The nurse said with a smile. Jacob just stood silent looking at the little girl, her big brown eyes connected with his eyes and he was in love. Now he knew why Sarah was so worried, and haunted by this little girl. Maya was so tiny, her hands looked like doll hands, her face was thin and sickly. Jacob moved closer and held Maya’s tiny hand in his. Her skin was rough and dry, so he asked the nurse to put lotion on her skin each day. Jacob talked with the nurse, then kissed Maya on her forehead. Jacob went back to fixing the growing number of those who were broken.

brown eyes.jpgBy the end of the day all the doctors were tired out. They had helped all the wounded and the regular patients that had come to the hospital for care. Jacob stopped by to see Maya again to see how she was doing. Sarah had already been to see her many times looking over her to see if she was okay. Later that night after the end of work class, Jacob and Sarah lay close together, talking about their day. Sleep would creep up on them and the morning would be there far to early.sun rise.jpgIt was going to be a very hot day in Rocho, the team of doctors were already working. There are so many sick and hurt. “How could God allow such pain to be felt by so many?”

Join me Friday to see what is in store for all the doctors who make up, world doctors.

Hey, thanks for arriving.

Take care you and yours and be safe.

gran driving red lips (2).jpg MAGS.

“Have yourself a great Thursday”

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