World doctors (part 3 of 5)

 The hospital in Rocho was not as we would have expected. The conditions were down right dirty to say the least. Antiquated is also a good word to describe the hospital.

The time went fast as Sarah, Jacob and the other doctors worked tirelessly trying to mend as many people as they could. Sarah could not shake off the face of a young patient she had seen earlier in the evening. She was small, tiny and a frail little girl, with long dark hair and very sad brown eyes. Her face was covered in old food and dirt that had lines from tears she had once been crying. Sarah wanted so much to scoop her up in her arms and take her away from this terrible world.child.jpgsad4.jpgHer sister called her Maya, her tear-stained face told a story of torture, and molestation. Maya’s body was covered with cigar burns, cuts, bruises and whipping marks on her back. Maya was five years old but if you guessed her age you would be way out as she only looked to be two years old. Maya weighed a meer thirty-five pounds, her little body had scares that she will always carry with her forever. After examining Maya, Sarah found several bones that where not broken recently but in previous mishandling. Sarah could not hold back her tears as she thought of Maya. Maya was admitted into hospital for care that would help her gain back her weight and health. 

girl sick.jpegJacob’s day was very hard as he had fixed a dozen broken bones, put on twenty-seven make shift casts, operated on sixteen people all in one hectic day/night.  Jacob was tired and wanted to sleep so he would have enough energy to repeat his work tomorrow. Sarah was crying and in between tears she told Jacob all about Maya and how she was kept in hospital till she gained some weight and her health back. Jacob said he would drop in on her to make sure she was comfortable. Sarah knew poverty was emence in this country but it was so overwhelming. It was heart breaking to see the children and old people who suffer everyday.girl child.jpgsad2.jpgsad1.jpg

Every member of the world doctors team had problems mentally dealing with the poverty issue. Tears fell often when mothers came to the hospital with little babies that were well beyond malnutrition. The doctors would do whatever they could to make the baby and mother comfortable. The lack of a proper hospital could have saved the babies, but here death was a common occurences. Sadness seemed to be part of the menu everyday.sickly.pngOlder seniors came in to the hospital with gaping wounds, where infection had already set in. Infection so bad that pills alone could not cure it. They were operated on to clean the wounds, then stitch them up and admit them for a few days. Intravenous would be administered and antibiotics prescribed during their stay. The food was not the best but at least the hospital made sure the patients had balanced nutritious meals, and plenty of clean water to drink.

food h.jpgdocs sad.jpgtired doc.jpgThis place was hell, and very humbling. All your beliefs of how the world worked are turned up side down. A class was held after each day ended to let the doctors talk over their experiences of the day. Talking seemed to help lift enough of the anxiety, so that a restful sleep could be had by all. When morning came it was time to return to the patients waiting for needed health care. Sarah had so many malnutrition adults coming to the hospital for care. With bodies that looked like skeletons with a thin piece of skin drapped over their bones.  Sarah at times gave her lunch to someone who had not eaten in days.sad3.jpgSarah and Jacob often walked down the street in front of the hospital while solders watch them closely. Where once homes stood now were piles of rubble. One of the team came running from the hospital calling their names and stopping them in their tracks. “What is the problem?” Jacob asked. The rescue squaud was coming in with troops that had been attacked by militants carrying machetes.

Join me Thursday to see what was waiting for Sarah, Jacob and the world doctor’s team.

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Take care and watch out for school children.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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Thank you to all the fantastic photographers on Upsplash for your contributions.






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