World doctors

 Jacob was like most boys, he played sports, rode a bike, liked girls and he dreamed about places far away.

Jacob was a dreamer always imagining places around the world where he could be anything he wanted to be. He had been on trips with his mom and dad but, the family never went anymore than two counties away from where they lived. There was a whole world out there to be discovered and someday Jacob would travel finding out what the world had in store for him. Mean while Jacob had to learn all he could for his future.

home work.jpgAs time crawled by Jacob grew into a fine young man. His education had taken him off to college, where Jacob had entered the field of medicine. He wanted to help all those who could not afford health care. College would give him that final bit of his education he needed to put into effect his plan of becoming a doctor. Jacob would never forget his dreams of travelling the world. During his college education Jacob had met a lady who had the same ambitions as he did. Sarah had met Jacob in anatomy class and they both clicked. Sarah was connected with an organization that traveled the world helping the less fortunate with medical became connected with the organization, and together with Sarah they would travel the world together. There was only three months left of college and Jacob was getting so excited that his dream to travel the world was getting closer by the day. With final exams on the horizon Sarah and Jacob spent a lot of time in the library cramming for their finals. Their exams were taking place in two days. Jacob and Sarah were a bit nervous, but soon the day would come and exams would be done in no time. exams.jpgex.jpg

Exams came and went bring the day of graduation closer. On the day of graduation all students, parents and faculty members gathered to lend testimony to the achievements of the graduates. The lawns were decorated with pots of flowers, lines of chairs, a stage was erected for the graduates to parade across and be presented their diplomas. The college was filled with chatter, and laughter. Parents tightly hugging and kissing their children. The graduates name were announced and they proudly walked across the stage to  receive their diplomas. Parents clapped loudly and tears fell like rain on the faces of both parents and students. Sarah and Jacob stood side by side throwing their caps in the air blending with all the other caps. A huge celebration dinner was held in one of the large gymnasiums on the campus. They had become doctors and their journey was soon to begin.grad.jpg

With graduation over plans for the future were being made. The organization “World Doctors” was getting ready to travel to countries that needed their doctors help.

Join me Tuesday as we follow our doctors who have dedicated their lives to the health of others.

Thank you for joining me.

Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful holiday Monday”

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