Love & tragedy part#5

Tina and William were only half way into their honeymoon when a voice said bad news would impact all visitors to the island. They could not believe what they were hearing.

William was quite concerned when he heard that there was a robbery near the outdoor pool. A couple was having fun talking while sun bathing, when all of a sudden a man dressed like a pool waiters approached them. He pulled out a gun and asked for all their valuables and cash. “Robbed in day light by someone dressed like a pool waiter.” “The cheeky robber was so shameless that he asked for the ladies wedding ring, and when she resisted, he hit her in the face cutting her and breaking her nose.¬†



William was very upset, and Tina was so afraid that these robbers would break in and kill them. She was crying with her face in her hands. William held her tight and reassured her that he would never let anyone hurt her.¬† Lets go out of the room and have a coffee in the cafe’. “I want to ask someone if they have heard how the lady in the robbery was doing.” ” Leave your jewelery in the safe so we won’t look rich. “We can wear our wedding bands, and I think it’s best we dress down.” Tina wore blue jeans and a baggy shirt with flip flops,¬†William did much the same as Tina. They took a bit of cash, no purse or wallet, then off they went to the cafe’ to find out more.

The cafe’ was pretty busy because most of the guests where in there. The chatter was very loud. “BANG.” William pulled Tina to the ground covering her with his body. RA-TAT-TAT¬† the sound of a machine gun shot up into the air which would explain the pieces of the ceiling falling on them. William looked up to see four men with hoods over their faces and guns in their hands. A burly voice shouted out, “get up you pigs, and shut the ladies up or I will kill them.” William helped Tina to her feet and hushed her telling her not to make a noise. His heart broke as he seen tears rolling down her face. “I love you,” he whispered and¬† kissed her cheek. They stood close together holding hands.¬†Inkedrobber_LI.jpgThe robbers were no longer impersonating the pool boys. They were obviously a militant gang ready to kill. William could feel Tina’s body trembling, he squeezed her hand tightly.¬† The guy with the burly voice spoke again, “Ladies follow these fellas to the front desk area, sit and be quiet.” Tina and the other ladies did not want to go, but what choice did they have. It was be shot or go with them, and with them seemed the most logic solution.¬† In the front area the ladies were told, “sit on the floor, don’t move or make a sound.” William and the rest of the guys were told, “sit and don’t talk.” There was only one man left to watch over them and all he had was a hand gun. The boss had walked out.¬†gun point.jpg

The tension in the room was more than evident, what would they do to over power this person? William whispered to the men around him and they came up with a plan to bring the man “DOWN.” Nodding¬†heads, one man said, “hello I need to piss.” The man with the gun said, “piss yourself.” “But I have to go now.” the robber came over to kick the man¬† in the mouth. As his foot was in mid-air, William and a few other fellas jumped him bringing him to the ground. They tied him up and gagged him. “One down, three to go.” William said. “We have to save the ladies from the robbers, let’s go and be carefull.” William led the way down the hall. Five or six guests had gone the back way to the front area where the girls were.¬†crowd.jpg

Quietly the men made their way towards the front. William came to a stop and peeked around the corner. The men stood in front of the ladies now sitting on the floor. They were talking in a langauge¬†that William could not understand. Tina was sitting off to the left and noticed William and the other men, she did not move nor whisper to anyone. William waved three guys over to a small kitchen,¬†to get as many knives as they could carry. Soon the men returned with a bucket of sharp knives. William said, “grab a knife and pass them on. William took six knives and placed them in different pockets, then ten men ran from the hallway, throwing knives at the gun men.knives.jpgWilliam dove for the ground while he through his knives hitting one robber in the face, he dropped his hand gun grabbing at his face. “Bang.” A bullet cut¬†through William’s¬† right leg. Tina jumped to her feet wrestling the robber to the ground. She took his weapon and pointed it at the bosses head. “Put it down or I will blow your head off.” Tina said with anger on her face.¬† The boss stared¬†at her and chuckled. Tina shot a bullet into his right arm. “I told you to drop it,” Tina said through gritted teeth. The boss still did not relent. Tina fired again this time she shot the legs out of the robber next to the boss. “I said,” “DROP IT.” the boss didn’t believe her, and raised his machine gun to fire at the ladies. Tina squeezed the trigger as the power exploded and a bullet flew through the air. The bullet pierce the bosses flesh and out the other side. He fell to the ground like a heavy load of bricks.girl gun.jpg

Tina dropped her gun and ran to William who was bleeding badly. Tina took off her shirt and applied pressure to the wound. She asked for a man’s tie then tided it like a tunic to slow down the bleeding.¬† By this time the robbers were tided tightly and the local police were summonded to the resort. Tina held William in her arms as she told him, “I will keep you safe too.” William gave her a little smirk¬† mixed with a chuckle.leg.jpgWilliam had no idea how brave his wife was and how she stood up to the robber boss. Tina had training from her father who believed all women should be able to take care of themselves.¬† Tragedy had been averted and the guests were safe again.¬† William’s leg would never be the same, but he was alive thanks to his brave wife, Tina.

The end.

Thanks for reading.

Take care out there and be asfe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend”




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