Love & tragedy part#4

As we left our newly married couple had walked from the church to the limousine. Now it was time for the celebration to begin.

The celebration was held in a large old barn on one of the local farmers’ property. The barn was decorated in soft twinkling lights, flickering candles set on white pedestal that were encased in glass tubes that were filled with rose petals and sparkling jewels. Each centerpiece was placed in the middle of each table. The tables and chairs were draped in red and white linen, a red and white bow was tied perfectly on the back of each chair. Pots of flowers were everywhere, the dance floor was big and the D.J. was set up and playing some zesty music while people sat at their table.

.wedding barn.jpg

The bride and groom have finally arrived and the D.J. announces their entry. The first dance for the couple started and the crowd watched as Tina and William danced slow, close and, stared into each others eyes. They were destined to be together and all who attended could see the special connection between them. The dance was over and it was time for the best man to say a short speech about the bride and

There were jokes about the bride and pictures of her as she grew up and there were plenty of laughs as the pictures were shown. It came time for the grooms part of the speech and Joe, Tina’s brother had a surprise for William. Joe had gone to the city council to ask if he could put an ad in the news paper asking for anyone who knew Daniel Burton to send or drop off pictures and letters about Daniel Burton? The council said okay to his request and the response was amazing. Soon Joe had enough pictures and stories to show William how much the town loved his dad. Joe had letters in a folder a long with pictures to hand to William at the end of his speech.folder.jpg

As Joe started to speak William watched the pictures of his dad on the screen. The place was quiet, Joe spoke the praises of many for Daniel Burton. When Joe was done he welcomed William into the family as his new brother. Joe walked towards William with a folder containing letters and pictures of his dad. William stood and hugged Joe, as tears ran down his face. “Thank you brother,” William said. There was not a dry eye in the place. Tina’s dad came to the mic and wished the couple all the best and said how happy they were to have another son in the family. William hugged Tina’s father and said, “thank you sir.”speech

A toast was made to the bride and groom, and the food was delivered to the tables. The barn was a buzz with laughter and clinking glasses. The wedding cake sat in the corner beside the head table. The baker had done a beautiful job. The cake had five levelsĀ and each levelĀ was decorated with white roses with edibleĀ gold leaf painted on the tips of each rose. There were tiny red rose buds placed perfectly in the right places. William and Tina cut the cake as people took picture after picture. It was time for the father daughter dance and William danced with Tina’s mom like the couple had requested.cake.jpgIt was time to dance and drink the night away. The D.J. seemed to know the kind of music everyone wanted to dance to, and the place was jumping. As the night moved along everyone headed out doors. William and Tina had no idea why, as they moved outside as fire works started to fill the sky with color. It was the most beautiful way for the couple to end their night before they ran away. The whole wedding had turned out fantastic, and William and Tina went to the mic to thank all the people for coming out and to thank all those who took time to create a fantastic wedding. William said it was time for them to leave, as their flight was waiting for them. The crowd headed to the limo which was decorated with streamers, and cans on a rope. Kisses and waves came from everyone, as the couple left on their honeymoon.leave.jpg

Two weeks in a warm climate was the best way to start out a life together.Ā  Tina and William spent a lot of time swimming and bathing in the sun.Ā  Tina did not want to go and William wished they could stay longer but Tina was expected to work the day after they returned home. But for now there was still six days left to stay in paradise.Ā pool.jpg

The radio played as William and Tina slow danced in the moon light. The music changed to a news man who talked about some bad news that would impact all visitors to the island. Tina and William could not believe their ears. “What was happening?”

Join me tomorrow to see what happens next on Tina and William’sĀ  honeymoon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red lips (2).jpgMAGS.Ā 

“Wishing everyone an adventurous Thursday”

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