Love & tragedy part#3

The helicopter was warmed up and ready to go, with Tina and William had all their training they ready to go. Tina and William walked towards the helicopter to have a journey in the skies.

All buckled in with thumbs up from the pilot, they were off.¬† Up and up they went Tina said, “the people look so small, and look at the elk.” The noise from the helicopter had them on the run. William watch Tina as her eyes darted from side to side trying to see everything at once. He knew she was amazed and that made him feel so warm and fuzzy. The pilot swerved to the left then the right, a scream came from Tina as she tightened her grip on the dash. “William asked her if she was okay.” “yes thank you but that scared me quite a bit.”¬† “It’s okay sweetie, I would never let anything happen to you.” William said as he held her hand.elk.jpg

The mountains started to come into view, and they were beautiful. The¬† jagged edges and majestic height made everyone look at them in awe. William said, “the mountains are a wonder of nature that I will never understand.” William was holding Tina’s hand as she peered out the window. The helicopter was being tossed around by the wind, and Tina was getting very nervous. “Just wind pressure miss, no need to be worried.” The pilot said. There was snow flying around the helicopter that floated to the ground.¬†copter.jpgThe pilot did a quick right and started to slow down. “What is going on?” Tina asked William. “Are we going to crash?” Tina was very nervous and William did his best to calm her down. Ahead there was a clearing and the helicopter started to set down. “Why are we going down?” Tina asked. William assured her everything was just fine and not to worry.¬† “Look out there do you want to walk in the snow with me?” William gave a winter coat to Tina, opened the door and helped her step down into the snow. “This is so beautiful and I wanted you to experience being¬† on a mountain standing in the pure white snow.” William said.snow.jpg

Tina looked all the way around her and when she turned to talk to William he was on one knee and had a very large diamond in a box in his hand. Her face went red and tears started to appear in her eyes. “Tina, I have your dad’s permission¬† to ask you to be my wife.” “Will you marry me?” Tina said, “I would be honored to be your wife,” and William placed the ring on her finger. He grabbed Tina and kissed her soft and slowly. The moment was so wonderful, romantic, and loving, that even the pilot had a tear in his eye as William opened the door of the helicopter to get in.¬†ring.jpg

It didn’t take long before Tina was messaging her mom and close friends pictures of her ring. Tina was truly excited, and she had a good reason to be, she had a handsome man who loved her more than life. William and Tina talked over wedding plans at the cabin while they drank wine in front of a cozy fire-place. William said, “I would love to marry you as soon as possible as I don’t want a day apart from you.” Tina agreed with William, but said she needed at least a few days to put a wedding together.¬†fire.jpg

As soon as Tina and William arrived home from the camping weekend. Tina had a get together with her friends. Tina told them she had a wedding to plan in one week. Everyone was so excited, and got started on the plans for wedding happening in one week. The chapel¬†was booked, minister booked, caterer booked, music ready, venue booked, marriage licence purchased, and the cake ordered. Tina’s mom and dad came down to help Tina shop for her wedding dress. They both were so excited, and happy for Tina and William.prep.jpgwedding.jpg

The day finally came and the church was filled with people, the bride was being dressed with the help of her mom and aunt. Bride maids were so excited, and were giggling and laughing. William was in a room with Tina’s dad and her brother Joe, Tina had the bride maids husbands and boyfriends stand with William as he had no family. All bride maids had lined at the front of the church with the groom and his grooms men.dress.jpgdbrides.jpgThe music started and before long the bride and her father appeared and started to walk down the aisle. William had tears in his eyes as he watched Tina walk towards him. Her father gave Tina’s hand to William and kissed his daughter on the cheek. Tina turned towards William and both of them were smiling big smiles. Tina whispered, “I love you.” The minister asked for the rings. The minister announced, “I present to you Mr. and Mrs. William Burton.” The church erupted in cheers for the couple, as they headed down the isle to the outside. People threw Rice at the couple and wished them well.coulpe.jpgWilliam and Tina climbed into a limo as everyone waved. The wedding was over and now the celebration was about to begin.

Join me tomorrow for the next part of Love & tragedy.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a beautiful Wednesday August 29th”


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