Love & tragedy part#2

When two people are attracted to each other as much as Tina and William are, a coffee date can be the best time to talk till dawn.

Tina and William did talk till dawn. It was almost like they knew each other from another time. Both were so comfortable with each other that, coffee became a regular occurence along with walks by the lake. It had only been a few weeks when, William asked Tina to go on a camping trip. He knew of a lake up north where the mountain views were breath taking. Tina was so excited about the trip, she had told all her friends at work, and her mom and dad. Her parents wanted to meet William before they left for their trip north. lake.jpgTina had told him about her parents request, and really wanted to meet them as well. William had a big surprise for Tina, he just needed to speak with her father first. When arriving at Tina’s parents house, William made it look like he was really nervous. “Do you think they will like me,” he kept saying. He was even shaking but it was all an act, heck, if he was an actor he would have won an academy award. Tina kept telling him, “they will love you like I do.”parents.JPG

Tina opened the front door and yelled, “we are here.” William made it look like he wanted to bolt back to the car. Tina held his hand tightly, and wouldn’t let go. Bailey and Greg Woods came around the corner with big smiles greeting William with soft hugs and firm hand shakes. Mr. Woods spoke first, “nice to meet you William we heard so much about you.” “I hope all you heard was good and not bad.” William said. Tina poked him in the ribs as she giggled. Mrs. Woods gave William a pat on the arm saying, “she’s always been a little bossy.”hand.jpg

Mr. Woods asked if William would like a drink, while heading for the bar. It was all going the way William hoped it would. “William, call me Greg,” said Mr. woods. William asked Greg, “could I ask you question sir?” “By all means son.” barked out Greg. “I know I have not been seeing your daughter very long, but I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter?” William nerviously asked. Greg was overly joyed by the news, giving his blessing excitedly. “I would like it to be a surprise for Tina, so lets keep it a secret.” William whispered. Greg gave him a thumbs up and a wink. thumbs up.jpg

They sat with Tina’s parents for an hour then it was time for them to head for the camp grounds. The weather was perfect during the journey. William had rented a cabin for the weekend, something else Tina had no idea of either. The sun was going down which would make the evening even more romantic. “William pulled up to the office for the cabins and ran into get the key, he asked the owner if all was set up in the cabin,” the owner said, “ready to go.” “Thanks,” William said and off he went to the cabin.cabin.jpg

When william opened the door to the cabin Tina walked in ahead of him. “Oh my God,” was all he heard. Tina was blown away by the flowers, wine, candles, and rose petals on the floor. Tina came over and gave William a big kiss and said, “I love you, William Burton.” William called the office and dinner was brought to the cabin and served in front of them. Tina was all smiles, the evening went off without a hitch. Tomorrow was the start of a new day and William still had a lot of surprises up his sleeve.candle.jpg

Bright and early William was up made coffee and had breakfast on the go. Tina woke to the smell of fresh brewing coffee. After a hearty breakfast, a car came to the door to pick them up. Tina was so excited she had no idea what was in store next. The car was heading in the direction of the airport, but Tina was fixed on William that she did not notice. The car stopped in front of a helicopter, the driver got out and opened the door of the car. Tina was wide-mouthed and unable to speak. The pilot came over and led them to the helicopter. he went over the rules and how to use the helmets and how to communicate with them on.

helicopter.jpg The couple boarded the helicopter, and buckled in. They were on to a destination only the pilot knew.

Join me tomorrow to see where this destination is and what will happen there.

Thank you for visiting.

Take care and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

Have a wonderful Tuesday August 28th”

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