Love & tragedy

Have you ever known a love so strong, so passionate, that when it’s gone you realize your dreams are gone too?

This is the tragic story of Tina and William Burton. Tina and William had met in the local grocery store in a bustling city in Texas. Tina was on a check out lady at the grocery store where she has worked for the past ten years. She applied to the store getting the job on the first day. With Tina’s drive and passion for people, the grocery store as a job fit her perfectly. Tina mixed well with all the other workers making close bonds with several ladies who worked there. Having best friends was something Tina had plenty of. She found it easy to talk with people and any customer who looked lost while shopping.besties.jpgWilliam was a handsome fella with brown eyes, sweet smile, and a personality. William had just taken up residence in an old home just within the city limits. Being new to the city was easy for him. The home he moved into was inherited from his father’s will. William never knew he had a father at all as it had always been him and his mom. It wasn’t until a lawyer came knocking at the door of his previous residence. The lawyer talked for hours answering all the questions William asked. His mom had never said nothing other than he had died in a car accident.crash.jpgWilliam was very surprised to know he was the only child of Daniel and Pamela Burton. The whole estate was willed to him along with a large amount of money.  When the lawyer had left William’s apartment in Klamath. William set out to talk to the few relatives he had. His mom had passed away two years before never saying a word about a father. Now he was dealing with the loss of a father he had never known.

sad.jpgWilliam had paid a visit to the house a few weeks earlier, and now he had moved in to stay. William loved the friendliness of the people he met. He was always treated like he belonged. He was told tales by people who were his dads’ close friends. His dad was a well liked man. William spent hours looking over old photos, and movies. He watched as his dad built the house that was now his. If only the walls could talk, and let William know how much his father loved him. William found many photos of him and his dad. Photos the William did not remember.


Weeks had passed before William had a need to go shopping for food. He took out his dads’ pick up truck and headed for the grocery store. Right away William noticed the lady at check out number four. She was beautiful, long blonde hair, cute smile, and pale blue eyes. He was smitten right away. While wondering around the store, a voice behind him said, “may I help you find anything?” The voice was so soothing, and as William turned to answer, there she was. His heart was beating so fast he thought it would burst. “No thanks miss,” he stuttered. “If you need anything just come see me I’m on check out number four, and my name is Tina.” He watched her as she walked away. girl.jpgOnce finished with shopping, William made his way to check out number four. The line was not too long, and soon he was face to face with Tina again. “I haven’t seen you around here before,” Tina said with a smile. “I just moved into the Burton place on the edge of the city, ten minutes from here.” William said. “Oh, the Burton place, I know where that is, Mr. Burton was a regular in the store.” “William shyly asked Tina if she would like to go for a coffee tomorrow, as he really didn’t know many people in the city.” Tina agreed. “I’m looking forward to coffee, and what time would you like me to meet you?” Tina said. William was so excited and amazed that she had said okay. “How about six-thirty?” William asked. “It’s a date then, how about the coffee shop across the street?” Tina said with a big

It would seem, this meeting could be the start of a relationship in the making.

Join me, on Tuesday August 28th, to find out what happens after the coffee date.

Thanks for joining.

Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Wishing everyone a beautiful Monday





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