Through time

Each day I wonder if time travel will be in our future. Will we be able to change the past? What would those changes do to our present time? Can we stop a murder or assassination?

Edmond Oswald, was a handsome man, with flowing locks and the stature of a Greek God. He was a ladies man, and his appearance was his priority. You know the type, the ones that walk by a mirror stopping fixing their hair, wiping a wet finger over each eye brow than pointing a finger at the mirror and saying, “you are one sexy thing, let’s go see the fine ladies.” I would say he has an had an intelligent side of him that he used for research and inventing. Inventing a transporter that could take people back in time or into the future was his goal. As a child he sat beside his father, watching him draw plans, making calculations, and constructing models of what he believed to be a time machine. Edmond had inherited all of his father’s drawings, models, and most of all he had been given a mind filled with curiosity, and smarts.lab.jpg He had figured out from his father that pretty much any avenue would work. In other words a phone booth, a car, a tea-cup if a person would fit into it. Edmond decided that his father’s model was worth building and giving it a try. Edmond brought in a friend, Darwin, who would help with  programing, and the physics part of the plan. Together they made the perfect pair. In no time at all they had put together a real life copy of the model his father had drawn. A plaque was placed on the machine that said. “In memory of Edsmond Oswald my father.”machine.jpgtime.jpgThere was a power issue with the machine that caused a delay in testing. It took some research to come up with an electric power that could open a portal in which the machine go through. The day of testing finally came after a two month delay. The excitement had been mounting, and the moment had come. Edmond wanted to send a teddy bear equipped with a recording system and video so they could track the teddy bear as it went through the portal. The bear was used for safety reasons and to see if machine would really work.bear.jpgEverything was ready to go, a simple push of a button would send the bear into another time. Edmond and Darwin stood with one finger each on the go button. Behind their back their fingers were crossed. “One, two, three go!” The button was pushed, lights flickered, smoke rouse for the machine. The bear was gone and feed back from the recording and video started to come up on the computer screen.start .jpgscreen.jpg

The machine had been set for the nineteen hundreds and so far everything was going as planned. The bear had dropped on a sidewalk, and a young girl had picked up the bear and hugged it. “Mom, can I keep him?” Her mom was confused about how the bear could come out of thin air. Mom let her daughter take the bear with her as they went shopping, lunch, and playtime. Then it was time for them to go home. Mom had said, “the bear must have a bath before he could stay at home with them.” The young girl agreed, and upon arrival home mom put the bear into the washing machine on a light cycle, closed the lid as water began to fill the washer. That was the last information transmitted from the bear. Dancing around Edmond and Darwin shook hands and hugged. “WE DID IT!!!” hug.jpgThe invention of time travel had been born and all because of a curious mind.

The end.

Thanks for joining me.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

Have a wonderful Friday and , a great weekend.”

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