Wish list

Through out the world there are many people who wish upon a star, ponder what could have been, and just plain wonder.

Jasper is one of those people who always wishes upon a star. At age seventy-one Jasper was a fine specimen of a man, with graying hair, muscular physic, quick mind, and a desire to be forever young. He had always taken care of himself eating right, exercising, and always tried to have a positive outlook. “Grant you, sometimes it is hard to be positive everyday.” Jasper had often thought of all the things he had never tried in his younger years.

manJasper started to write down all the wishes he had never done. It was kind of like a bucket list but, with a twist, these were wish things, silly things, and somewhat insanely crazy things he wished to do.¬†Jasper’s sense of humor was a lot different from most people I have met. Jasper thrived on attention, and he always got attention when he was with people he knew.¬† Even with strangers he had encountered.list.jpgJasper’s list was long with a few things he wished to do first. Jasper wondered what it would be like to kiss a man right on the lips.¬† No one understood why he wanted this wish, and he would not give this one up. Sure he had kissed his dad on the cheek before but, never on the mouth. The family called their grandson’s partner and asked if he would kiss Gramps on the lips. Cassady’s partner Raymond agreed to help Gramps with his wish. Like I said, “insanely crazy.”puzzled.jpgBy the end of that day Gramps¬†had his chance to find out how it felt. Raymond embraced Jasper and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. Jasper stepped back with a wide-eyed look on his face, “WOW!!” “Cassady, you best be keeping¬†Raymond under lock and key, as I may steal him from you.” A lot surprised, Raymond said, “thanks Gramps for the compliment.” There was laughter and hugs, then Jasper was on his way to the next wish.¬†mans.jpgJasper asked to fly like a bird. His family arranged to give him his wish. On the way to the destination for the flight, Jasper kept asking where are you taking me. No one would say a word. The family arrived at a landing strip outside of town. Jasper had his first look at the plane he would be going up in. He was suited up and attached to another sky diver, and they were off. Jasper was a little nervous but, would not let anyone know. It was time to jump and with no notice he flew out of the plane.plane.jpgThe wind was slapping his face, making his skin stretch and flap. Jasper went to open his mouth but, wind pride his mouth open wide.¬† This gave Jasper the feeling that he would¬†swallow¬†his teeth. The ground got closer and closer. “Who was going to slow him down?” All of a sudden he was pulled towards the heavens, he was very nervous now. His fellow sky diver¬†said, “it’s just our parachute and Jasper relaxed just a little bit. They hit the ground running while Jasper was laughing loudly. “I did it.” He shouted. Then he knelt on his knees and kissed the ground.sky diver.jpg¬†Jasper wished to go over the falls in a barrel, but because of his age his family¬†put a kibosh on that wish. The family took him to Niagara Falls and boarding cable car taking it across the gorge¬† to the United States, then back to the Canada. Jasper’s wish list showed one of his wishes was to go out with a prom Queen. One of his grand-daughter’s got a friend to speak with her parents. There were rules he had to follow, where the parents would come along on the date. Jasper agreed to all the rules and the date was a success. Jasper just wanted to be seen with a pretty young girl on his arm. He made sure he bragged a lot when he told the guys at the retirement home.dinner.jpgJasper had many more wishes on his list but, that would have to wait for another time. Jasper was tuckered out and desperately needed to nap.


The end.

Thanks for dropping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Thursday”


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