Who is Wiggles

My name is Wiggles, I’m very active and love to eat, I have cute little eye of brown. “This is a challenge for you.” “Can, you guess who I am?”

My home is a wonderful place to have adventures each day. There is a pond where I love to frolic chasing the little critters that live in the pond. I wiggle around churning the water until it is a muddy brown. I love to relax in the muddy water on a hot summers day. I love to dig in the dirt making big holes that keep me cool  and the deeper I dig the cooler I feel. Summer is a wonderful time, the nice warm sun helps the plants grow.

pond.jpgSince I love to eat, I dig for roots, even carrots I get from the farmer’s garden. It’s very dangerous going into the garden but the food makes me forget all about the risk. When I’m in the garden I meet other critters who like the vegetables that grow there. Some of them are very fussy about what they eat but for me anything will do.

garden.jpgI sneak into the barn to eat bits of grain dropped by the farmer. There are cows in the barn that make sounds so loud and it scares me. I run and hide till the sound goes away. I remember being in the barn looking for grain, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I was covered in this wet sticky bad-smelling stuff. I could not move for a minute and the smell made the other critters run away from me.

barn.jpg I ran out of the barn across the field and into the pond. I flipped and flopped in the water until the smelly sticky poo came off of me. It was a day I will never forget. I will stay away from those big cows now. I did not return to the barn for quite a while.  And anyways it was great just laying in a cool hole in the ground and having a day nap.

pies.jpgIt was dark by the time I woke from my nap the sun had gone to sleep. I was hungry again so I set out to get some of those yummy carrots from the farmer’s garden. As I dug my way down into the soil reaching those yummy irresistible carrots I sank my teeth into its flesh then I could hear a barking sound. I knew that sound it came from the farmer’s dog. He was big, hairy, ugly as sin with a pudgy body, a long tail and he has these funny ears that he kept tripping over as he ran.

dog2The dog came charging at me, he tripped on his ears and rolled and stopped right in front of me. “I was frozen.” “I have to get out of here,” I said to myself. The dog got closer and closer, I raised my paws with bared teeth I was ready to shred the nose off this dog. I swung my paws right, left, right, left, my teeth hit the mark the dog let out a yelp. Blood was dripped on the ground and as the dog turned to run away, I turned at the same time and headed for the safety of a cool hole in the ground.

Inkeddog 3_LII was safe, out of breath and shaking uncontrollably. After a bit I calmed down and fell asleep with one eye open. The grass around the pond was safer than the farmer’s garden. “But, oh those carrots, how could I leave them alone!”

carrots.pngIf you have an idea of who I am, just write it in the comment area and I will reveal who I really am in a short post tomorrow evening at four P.M. my time.

Thank you for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Tuesday”

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