Keeping me safe

The sky was a pale blue with white puffy clouds. I was with my mom running through the tall grass.

We had lived on the farm for a long time. The smell of the green grass was sweet with the fragrance of wild flowers. There were fields of wheat waving in the warm summer breeze, and a babbling brook rolled through the property. This was the most beautiful place in the world. I would run full speed then lay down on the cool grass and look at the sky.

wheat - Copy.jpgAs time passed I grew taller and ran faster than I had ever before. Mom would look for me in the tall grass but I would not make a noise so she could see me. Once she  passed by and I pulled myself to my feet and run like mad the other way. I would run circles around mom time after time. I would kick up my heels and snort to show her how fierce I could be. Mom would stomp her foot on the ground, and shake her head and start to chase me.

horse - Copy.jpgMy mom was beautiful, she had a shiny coat of brown and white that sparkled in the sun. Her eyes were bright blue, and noticed everything around us. I remember one day as we ran through the tall grass mom stopped really fast and I ran into her. She pushed me back so I would not get hurt. She stomped her feet on the ground and when she moved away there lay a long snake that was ripped open by her stomps, and blood was all around it.

snake - Copy.jpgMom had ran towards the barn slowing down and she began to limp. The snake had bit her on the leg and she was not well. I had to get help for her right away. I stood on my back legs waving my feet in the air to attract someone. I ran very fast kicking up my feet, jumping around and snort. “No one noticed.” I had to do something and fast.

hind - Copy.jpgI Ran as fast as I could and jumped up into the air flying over the barnyard fence. I ran to the house where the humans lived. I stopped in front of a large glass window. I stood on my hind legs waving my head from side to side. Once on the ground I stomped and stomped. The door flew open and out came two humans chasing after me. I led them to my mom in the pasture. she was not standing anymore. She laid still and was I so worried. I pranced around and around the pasture.

prance - CopyA human went running into the barn and came out with a small box. They opened the box and push a sharp thing into my mom’s neck which made her raise her head. A human was putting cream on the bite then wrapping her leg with a white cloth. Mom laid there for a while then moved her legs, she sat up then came to her feet. I was so happy that ran back and forth so she could see me. Mom was led into the barn where she laid down on a bed of straw. I followed her and laid down beside her and fell fast asleep. When morning came mom was standing over me, keeping me safe.

colt - Copy.png

All creatures love their moms, even us humans.

The end.

Thank you for joining me.

Take care out there and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Monday.”

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