Garnet Park tragedy #3

We have now found out that there is a serial killer running loose in Garnet Park. John Warner’s phone call confirmed how brazen the killer was getting.

John and his officers had put a stake out in the park in the hopes of finding the killer. The killer had three dead bodies under his belt and no one knew if there would be more. John had a very bad feeling in his stomach and when he got that feeling it was not wrong. A officer came running over to the squad car to let John know they had found another body.  John followed the officers to the body. Marvin was already there, and the look on his face made John wonder what was wrong.

body - Copy.jpgMarvin had a tear in his eye, something John had never seen before. When Marvin pulled back the cover on the body, John felt his stomach turn. John ran to a close tree and vomited. The poor young man had words carved into his chest circled by stab wounds. The words were, “you will never catch me.” Marvin said the man was a live when the words were carved into his chest. The man had his hands cut off and the blood in the body had been drained.

body.jpg Marvin turned and walked away with John by his side. This killer has over stepped the line. He needs to be found right away. John left Marvin with the body and asked the officers if anyone had seen anything at all. Officer Oakley said, “There was a young girl who had seen a short man with pitch black hair carrying a large green bag over his shoulder. John looked at Officer Oakley and said, “Do you have a copy of the killer’s sketch.” The officer pulled the photo from his jacket pocket, and handed it to John. John opened the photo staring at the face looking back at him. The description said the hair was long and blonde not pitch black.

black hair - Copy

blonde - CopyThe descriptions from the previous eye witnesses were nothing like this witness. This left John very puzzled. “What was going on?” “Could the killer be in disguise as a man?” That could not be possible, “how could a woman carry the dead body of a man over her shoulder?” John headed back to the morgue to talk with Marvin. Marvin had left the scene an hour ago so he should have something for him by now.

two - Copy.jpgArriving at the morgue John asked, “Marvin is there anyway for a woman to be strong enough to carry the dead weight of a man over her shoulder?”  Marvin looked at John with a surprised expression on his face. “It could be possible, but the woman would have to be beyond strong because the body is very heavy.”  “Is there any test that could determine if a woman committed the crimes?” John asked. Marvin thought for a bit of time then he burst out in a loud voice, “Yes I believe there is.” “I will have the lab run through the samples again and look for a woman’s DNA.”  “Okay, let me know asap if they find anything.” John said, as he left the room.

sack - Copy.jpgJohn looked over the reports that were on his desk. He still had that bad feeling in his stomach and could not get rid of it. This case had haunted him in his sleep. There came a ring from the phone and John answered it. “Hello,” was the only word he could get out as the person on the other end of the line said, “You can not and will not catch me.” John said, as he had a tap put on the line the killer was calling from. “I already know who you are.” The line went silent for a moment, then a voice began to laugh out loud, “Then come get me John Warner.” The line went dead.

old - Copy.jpgMarvin dropped a report on John’s desk. “This person is a woman.”  “All the tests came back with hormone traces evident.” “I thought at first this was a man who is gay and taking hormone injections.” “But with further testing confirmed it is a woman.”  John told Marvin about the call he had just received. Marvin was worried that this killer would not be caught. John assured him that he was not going to get away with his killing spree much longer.

lab - CopyThe wire trace had come up with a location in the northern end of town. But just maybe they could find some information on this person. A stake out was set up in the area of the phone call. This end of town was strangely eerie. There was a campus not far from the area and John wanted to question the people on the campus.

campus - Copy.jpgThe campus was much like most but, there was an uneasy feeling there. John met with the president and asked him many questions. Mr. Wallis told John that there had been four students missing. They had never been seen since they went to the Barber Bar to have drinks with friends. One of them never made it to the bar. John asked for their files and contacts for their parents. The files contained pertinent information like dental records, blood types, any scars or tattoos and their descriptions.

bar - Copy.jpgJohn’s team was left behind to question the bar tender, and waitresses. He called Marvin to meet him at the office. Marvin patiently waited for Johns arrival wondering what was happening. Upon Johns arrival he passed the files to Marvin and explained what he had found. John got on the phone and ordered a surveillance set up in the Barber Bar. John knew he was close.

survale - Copy.jpgOne of the officers played the part of a student from the campus where he made sure he was seen. On Saturday night August 13th the sting finally got a hit. Officer Woods was at the bar and was hit on by a very attractive blonde short woman. After a few drinks she asked him to join her outside for a smoke. He went with her and was hit over  the head with a club. The woman did not realize she had been followed by two officers. Seeing the officer go down after the hit they went after her.

chase - Copy.jpgJohn arrived just in time to see her come around a corner. She slashed she arm with a knife, and kept going. John set off on the foot chase. Minutes later she was over powered by four officers, and hand cuffed. At the office John questioned her in a squad room.  When he walked into the room, she looked at him and laughed. “How’s your arm boss?” “Looks like you caught me after all.” John and other detectives questioned and recorded the whole session.

why - Copy.jpgHer name was Sadie Brown and she had been gang raped by ten students. She took the law into her own hands, getting revenge for her rape. Sadie Brown was sentenced to hang for her crimes, and still sits on death row to this day.

jail - Copy.jpg

The end.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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