Garnet Park tragedy

A call came into the sixth precinct as the sun had dropped behind the horizon, leaving an eerie darkness over the city.

John Warner was getting ready to head home after a long day. The phone rang endlessly, and the office seemed to be empty. John called out,”is there anyone here?” No one answered.  John rolled his eyes as he made his way back to his desk and answered the phone. “Sixth Precinct, John Warner speaking, may I help you?”

man - CopyThe person on the line was breathing heavy, like they had been running for their life. The man had a raspy voice, and spoke softly. “I need help,” he said. John answered back, “calm down sir, what is your name and what is the problem.” “My name is Dorian Marble and I’d like to report that I found a body at Garnet Park by the lake.” John wrote as he listened to Dorian speak.

writing - Copy.jpgGoing home was out of the question now, as John looked at his watch. It was nine thirty and John was looking at full evening. It never bothered John as he was single and all he had waiting for him was a his cat Jingles. John had fed him before coming to work so Jingles would be okay for a while. John had left a light on and the radio playing some smooth jazz for Jingles.

cat - Copy.jpgJohn’s mind returned to the voice on the phone. “Dorian could you wait for me on the corner of Burton and Clay Streets?” “I will be there in fifteen minutes.” John said. John called a team consisting of backup, forensics, and a coroner to meet him at the location. He took his note pad, badge, gun and a top coat to ward off the chill that came from the lake in the evening. John hopped into his squad car and headed to the scene.

police - Copy As he arrived at the scene there were lights flashing and cation tape roping off the area where the body was found. Dorian was right where John had asked him to wait. “Dorian I presume,” John said as he shook Dorian’s hand. “I’m detective John Warner, we spoke on the phone.” “Would you take a seat in the squad car till I speak with my team?” “Yes sir,” Dorian said. Closing the cruiser door, John headed for the area were the body was found.

body - Copy.jpg“Hi Marvin, what do you have for me?” “Marvin said the young fella was around twenty to twenty-three years of age, it looked like an execution style killing. He was shot at close range while on his knees. Who ever did this was crazy as hell as he had shot him point-blank in the face. The killed then raped the body, and stabbed the body eighteen times with some kind of knife.” “I won’t know anymore till I take the body to the lab for a closer look.” “Thanks Marvin,I’ll see at the lab in a while.”

Inkedknife - Copy_LI.jpgJohn looked over the body trying to figure out why this had happened. He spoke to forensic and asked if they had found any signs of the killer. A cigarette butt, blood from another person was found as well as the knife. The killing was brutal and finding the killer would not be easy. “Lock this area down, and good work fellas, see you at the precinct.”

catin - Copy.jpgJohn made his way back to his squad car where Dorian was waiting patiently. John opened his door and asked, “Dorian, would it be okay with you if we go to the precinct to write down your statement.” Dorian agreed.  When arriving to the office John got Dorian a drink then questioned Dorian and had him write down what he seen, and how he got there. Dorian was driven home, and told not to leave town just in case they needed to speak with him again.

write - Copy.jpgJohn made his way to the corners lab to find out what Marvin had found. Marvin had found skin under the young mans nails and a piece of skin in between his teeth, plus hair and semen from the rape. “The john doe had bitten a pretty good hole into the killer’s arm at one point.” “He had fought back before he was shot.” Marvin said. “The killer is sporting a pretty big hole in his arm as I found a large piece of flesh in the stomach contents. “Marvin added. “All results will be in my report.” “Thanks.” John said and disappeared around the corner.

ian-dooley-325436-unsplash.jpgJohn finished his report and headed home for a well deserved sleep.

matheus-vinicius-483878-unsplash (1).jpgJoin John tomorrow as he reveals the findings of the coroner, and forensic testings.

Thank you for joining me.

Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS. 

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