Little bit of magic

The day was hot and steamy, it poured rain the night before. The rain felt like the heavens had opened and unleashed all its hidden moisture.

Monica and Emily were early risers, up before the dawn. The old saying, “the early bird catches the worm,” had nothing on these two ladies. Both ladies had an art most people do not possess. Early in the dawn while all others slept, a little tiny house was filled with hustle and bustle. Monica and Emily scurried to and fro preparing for the magic to begin.

forest-704077_1280.jpgOutside the tiny house the sounds of song birds, crickett, buzzing of bees and the song of an old black crow could be heard. When all of a sudden the activity came to an abrupt halt. “A silence fell over the forest.” When all of a sudden the sound of clanging of metal pots, clinking of glass bottles, and the turning of pages in a book older than time itself. A curious crow flew to the window of the tiny house intently peering into see what was going on.

crow-1582138_1280[1].jpgFeathers were flying as the wings of the crow struggled to get away. Zip, the crow was gone. All that was left  were feathers floating to the ground. Oh my goodness, what had just happened and where did he go? The silence lingered for a matter of five minutes, then the forest came to life once again. Each day this would happen like a reoccurring bad dream.

687474703a2f2f33332e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f36636236343962653362613163313361316363666264633162383338663464362f74756d626c725f6d736a706d305534597a317366646435346f315f3530302e676966.gifInside the tiny house a crow called out for help from a small cage located in the far corner of the room. The fire was hot and the pot was glowing a bright red. Steam rose from the fire-place. What was cooking in that pot, and what was it for? A breeze from the open window swirling around the large old book turning a few pages Monica and Emily had not noticed. Singing “Hells Bells” with screechy voices they went about their task for the day.

F5Z9EDFFD80X4PK.LARGE.jpgOutside the tiny house life moved along at a slow pace. Birds sang, sweet songs competing with screechy voices coming from the tiny house. This was something even nature itself had been dealing with day after day, year after year. All coexisted in a quirky kind of harmony. It was hard to understand but even the lavish forest grew greener, taller and more vibrant then ever.

f5dcf78f99bb13882a08fe3f7b28cac0(1).jpgThe serenity was shattered by an enormous explosion. Squirrels scattered, birds flew, cats hissed, chipmunks rabbits, and rats stood tall on hind legs straining to see where the noise had come from. And those darn nosy crows flew straight to the tiny house window ledges to peering inside.

20180505_042836673_iOS.jpgjungle-crow-mirror - CopyJoin me Monday to find out what had happened and why?

To be continued.

Thank you for popping in to visit.

Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.








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