Miss Emma

Emma is a happy lady with a great out look on life. That is until she met Dante.

Dante was your usual gangster type of fella. He never ran with gangs but held down a job at the Circle K gas bar. His attitude towards anyone he didn’t fancy was quite atrocious. His hair was always hanging in his face and always seemed almost dirty.  He was educated with a great understanding of numbers. One big problem he had was an extremely bad temper. He has no car, so the bus or his friends were his only means of transportation.

man.pngNo one ever understood what Emma seen in Dante. Emma had the smarts, was well grounded and a good cook, but housework wasn’t her thing. Emma had gone to school hoping to help seniors around their homes, making sure they were bathed and dress decently. She got asap to get certified as a PSW but the job never came long enough to make a difference. Not having a car nor a licence made it hard for her to keep her client appointments. So that went by the wayside, although she hoped that someday she could go back and start again.

nurse - Copy.jpgEmma started to get ill with bad migraines and during the bouts of pain she was unable to take care of herself let alone her young daughter Allison. For many years the migraines kept coming she seen many doctors who would shoot a prescription her way then, send her home. It was no way for a human to live.

head  - Copy.png

Time passed by too quickly for Emma. Allison had grown up and her first day of school had arrived. Allison looked so cute with her new backpack hanging down from her little shoulders. As she walked beside her mom the backpack would kick her on the bottom with each step. Emma could not help but giggle when she saw what the backpack was doing. Emma asked Allison if she could carry her backpack but, Allison wanted nothing to do with that. Finally arriving at the school entrance Allison went to hug mom and mom was crying just a little bit. Allison said, “don’t cry mom I will be back when school is over.” Then Allison turned and disappeared into the school.

girl - Copy.jpg

Emma thought to herself that her little girl had grown into a young lady. Emma’s days were a little more freed up to do the task she hated the most, house work. Dante came over to visit quite often, and had spent the night a couple of times. Emma had a disability check each month that helped her care for Allison and herself, and pay the bills. Dante wanted to move in with Allison, but Allison was really afraid of the thought of him moving in. Her past experiences with men was not good. So the decision had to thought over carefully for a few days.

lady - Copy.png

Dante treated Emma like a queen and soon he had moved in. Allison got a long with Dante and soon he was taking her to school and picking her up after school.  Things were great till one day Dante’s job had put him on part-time hours. The money was less, and when Emma’s money was gone and there was none he would yell at Emma for no other reason than money was gone. It was not her fault and the relationship took a turn for the worse. Emma just wanted out, but she had fallen in love with him and leaving would be harder than ever.

couple - Copy.png

Asking him to move out left Emma with more frequent migraines that made life unbearable. Finally the day came when Emma woke up from the love she felt and told him she could no longer live with him. Dante’s face turned red with anger. He started yell in Emma’s face and cornering her so she could not get away. Emma slapped him in the face, then he slammed her up against the wall leaving a very large goose egg on her head. Emma called the police for help and Dante was hauled away for assault.

arrest - Copy.jpg

Emma swore that Dante would never step foot in her nor Allison’s life again. The person you think you know are not always who you want them to be.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care and be safe.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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