Destine to be

Patrick Owen made a big name for himself in the stock markets. He was smart and had a keen eye always knowing which stock he had to trade or buy. 

Patrick had no education that helped him trade his stocks and reaping high gains no matter what he did. He had many friends that were part of the upper crust in society. Patrick had a multitude of clients that he did trading for, in their names. Patrick used his intuition to trade and buy as he always did, and the money rolled in. Leave his clientele very pleased with the results.

money - Copy.jpg

Patrick was the toast of the town. He had invitations to every major event in the world. He spent every day in the lap of luxury. Patrick became a regular visitor to the Ramble Lamble nightclub on the lower east side of the city. He had no idea why he was drawn to this place, but he knew in his gut that he needed to be there every night. It seemed like he was waiting for someone or something to arrive.    😎🎁    🎄      🍔🍟   🚢

Very early on Tuesday, Partick made his way to the nightclub, because of a feeling that came over him. Whatever he was meant to meet up with would be there waiting for him to arrive. It was very bright in the nightclub due to all the window coverings being pulled wide open. Patrick’s eyes did not adjust to his surroundings for quite some time. The hazy blur created by Patrick’s eyes made it hard to focus on a figure slowly approaching him.

pic - Copy.jpgThe figure drew closer and closer, it’s shape was curvy, tall and somewhat slender. The figure’s hair waved in the soft cool breeze coming from the large fan placed in the corner of the room. Patrick’s eyes began to focus as he seen a pale white hand touch his arm. He was shaking just enough to notice, as the fingers ran down his arm to his hand.IMG_2694.JPG A face came into focus, it was the face of a very beautiful woman. Her eyes seem to stare through him as her voice spoke. “Hi, I’m Brenda and your name is?” Patrick could not find the words as he tried to speak. “Um Um, my name is Patrick Owen, and what can I do for you?” Brenda’s words flowed from her full red lips, but Patrick was having a hard time listening. His mind was focused on her luscious red lips. He was captured by her perfume, her eyes, her lips, and her soft sultry voice. sexy - CopyWas this who he was supposed to meet? Patrick was searching his mind trying to figure out what was going on. Brenda sat close to him as he felt her warm breath on his neck. Brenda was drawn to Patrick as well and knew he was the fella she was destined to be with. There were forces bigger than both of them. Brenda’s soft lips kissed his neck ever so lightly as she whispered, “let’s get out of here.” Patrick paid his bar tab and as he turned to take her hand, as she reached for his.    💋                                                Turning towards the door they slowly walked away. Patrick’s and Brend’s minds were filled with questions. Why was this happening?




To be continued.

Join me to see what evolves next.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.



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