I’m certain that most of us have spent time watching our children grow up and be proud of who they are.

Dwayne Armstrong was a middle-aged man with greying hair at the temples. He is an attractive man who’s love for beer every day seems to have found its way around his middle area. Dwayne is a mere five foot eight inches tall, with a sense of humour so funny that people are drawn to him. When you invite Dwayne to a party he makes himself the centre of attraction.  He has a loud voice that has no problem being heard over a crowd.


wife - Copy.pngman - Copy

Dwayne has a beautiful wife (Bobby) who looks a lot younger than her actual age. He met Bobby at a fundraiser for the local school football team. They have two children, a boy (Arnie) and a girl (Victoria). Both of his children were big into sports and helping others. Arnie signed up for the football team at school.  Dwayne was in heaven, his son on the football team. Dwayne took Arnie to all of his practices, home games and games out of town. Victoria was the soccer player in the family and was obsessed with anything soccer. Bobby took Victoria to some of her practices and games. But most time Victoria went with her best friend Summer.

football 1 - Copy.jpgcoach2 - Copy.jpgsocer - Copy.jpg

While at a football practice a week ago the coach was hurt pretty bad when he was accidentally hit in the face with by a football thrown in the wrong direction. Coach Marlin suffered a broken jaw, lost several teeth and had a concussion. The team was worried about the big upcoming games against the Dodger Roger team. They needed a coach and now. Several fathers came forward to try out for the coaching position, and one of those dads was Arnie’s dad.

coach - Copy.jpg

caoch - Copy.jpgcouch1 - Copy.jpg

The vote was finally in and Arnie’s dad and Joey’s dad won the position as co-coaches. During practice, Dwayne knew how things were handled and helped John, Joey’s dad learn the ropes. A big game was ahead and practice was pretty brutal. The day of the big game two of the teammates had run into trouble with the law and were unable to play. A couple rookies were brought in to replace them. The team fought hard but lost the first game of the championship, but no worry there were plenty more games coming.

football 1 - Copy.jpg football 3 - Copy.png

Five days later with only two games left in the championship, Arnie and his teammates were now up three games ahead of the opposition. Every member of the team was stoked about the upcoming game. Another win and they were sure to hold the title and the championship trophy would be theirs. The game started off slow, but in no time at all the team put a beating on their opponents that could go down in the record books.

football2 - Copylockerroom - Copy.jpg

With all the practice games done and the big day creeping up. Dwayne and John sat the team done and had a pep talk with the fellas and praised them for the way they had been working as a unit of one. Teamwork was the word used the most in the talk. Let the game begin rang through the locker room as the coaches, gave their last pep talk to their team. Out on the field, the fellows fought hard and came home with the championship. The crowd roared as the fellows were presented the trophy. These fellows were amazing and the whole town was with them, if not in body but in mind. A parade and a huge celebration was held by the town for their football team and the coaches that helped them on their journey to victory.

team - Copyparade - Copy.jpgcouch1 - Copy.jpgcaoch - Copy.jpg

A plack was displayed in the showcase in the school along with pictures of the players and their coaches. The trophy is displayed proudly even today.trophy - Copy.jpg

The end.

Thanks for dropping by.

Take care out there.

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