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There are a lot of things in life that make us wonder why. Why does it rain on this side of the street and not over there?

Dorthey has one of those minds that needs to know the reason why. As a young girl, Dorthey would ask her mom and dad questions that sometimes left them wondering, where Dorthey got her questions. Questions like how does grass grow, where do butterflies come from or even why is the sun so bright. These questions were easy to answer. As Dorthey got older and started school her questions became more complicated.

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Mom and dad never had a problem teaching Dorthey all about the things she asked. In school, Dorthey immerses herself into books about palaeontology, biology, geology, science, physics, and anything she could find dealing with medical texts. Dorthey was a very intelligent girl, that was going to be a doctor when she grew up. Dorthey’s parents expected she would go to college after she graduated from high school. Thier hopes were high for Dorthey and the profession she had wanted as a child.

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As time rolled by, Dorthey’s thirst for knowledge took her to NASA as her placing for a career. She was picked to help with the construction of the space arm to on a space station. Mom and dad were very surprised that NASA would be taking students as part of the school program.  Dorthey could figure out anything that was in her way. She was pretty, smart, kind and, had a great personality. Why wouldn’t NASA take her, she was a brilliant student. After her time with NASA Dorthey went to medical school to be a doctor.

nasa - Copy.jpgbiology - Copy

Time at Medical school went by quickly for Dothrey. She was a cut above all other students and was shuffled ahead, graduated long before anyone else. Dorthey wrote her bar exams and became a resident at Delarosa Hospital. The hospital was not far from Dothrey’s hometown of Corney. Mom and dad were very happy for Dorthey and were happy she was so close to home.

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Years passed by, way too fast for Dorthey, mom and dad had aged and were getting to the point where a nursing home was needed. Dorthey had the daunting task of hunting for the right home that would take both in a setting where they could be together till death. Being a doctor gave Dorthey a better chance of finding that nursing home. Looking through a directory and found a few places to see. Dorhtey had set aside a day in the upcoming week to investigate.

pr - Copy.jpghp - Copy.png

Dorhtey found it very hard to let her parents go. But, it was best for both of them. Arthur Nursing Home had rooms for the both of them but they were not together. Cypress Nursing Home was a fair distance from her hometown and Dorthey wanted her parents closer. The last nursing home was just outside of town on a parcel of land with a lake, dwellings for ageing couples that couples with, all the medical support both her parents would need to live together. Millington Nursing Home was the place hands down.

h home - Copy.jpgs home - Copy.jpg

Dorthey picked up her parents at their home and took them to the home. She gave them a grand tour of the grounds and where they would live. Surprisingly her parents seemed like kids in a candy store as they explored every crevice of their new dwelling.  Their excitement made Dorthey feel a lot more at ease now, knowing they were happy. Dorthey left her parents there and drove away with tears in her eyes.

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It’s the hardest thing to do when you have to place your parents in a nursing home. Proper care is important for the elderly to have a happy life. Being at their maternal home becomes an unsafe place to live.

parents.JPGhome - Copy.jpg

I, just have one request of everyone? Could anyone who has parents in a nursing home take the time to visit them and tell them you love them? Your parents sacrificed for you to be who you are today, don’t let them feel lonely or forgotten.


Thank you.

The end.

Your comments would be gladly appreciated.

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