Water sports

In the warmer times of our seasons, is the time when we shed all those layered clothes. We choose clothing such as shorts, tank tops, sandals or light fabrics to keep us cool.

A beach is a popular place for young and old. Beaches and campgrounds let us enjoy our short time in the sun. There are many things for families, single people, even little ones can join in on the fun. Camping is a fun time for little people too. Roasting marshmallows around the burning embers of a once roaring campfire. It’s lots of fun for the young ones to cook their own hot dogs for dinner or even make smores in the fire. Singing songs around a campfire will get everyone involved.

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Time spent in the warm waters of a pool, a river or a lake can be fun and very exciting for all involved. Boating is not only enjoyable but can fill your day in a wet wild kinda way. Fishing is fun on shore or on a boat. The catch can end up being big or small and there are always stories of the big one that got away.

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Joany and her friend Fallon loved the water and spent as much time as they could around or in it. Water skiing was the sport they loved but, this weekend they had both decided on water tubing. Joany had never tried this before. “What the heck,” she said. “Let’s rev up the motor and give this a try. The boat was gassed up and ready to go. Joany and Fallon had bought a large tube that would hold the both of them at once.

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The lake was calm and would make a new adventure less stressful.  The boat and the tube carrying the ladies made its way out to the middle of the lake, “Are you, ready ladies?” “Hold on tight.” and with that, Bob was off at the highest speed he could get out of the engine. The tube flipped into the air both ladies were holding on for dear life. Their legs were air born as the tube hit the water, “thump,” their bodies took the whole brunt of the impact. Fallen was breathing heavy as the water splashed onto her face.

Tubing-Peter-and-Bill - Copy.jpg

speed - Copy.jpg

Another boat came by creating large waves. The tube rolled over the waves tossing Joany and Fallon to the right then the left. Bob turned sharply almost turning the tub upside down. Against the waves and at full speed was sure to give the ladies an exciting ride. Fallon lost her grip with one hand but managed to hold on tight with her other hand on tight. Her body was tossed around like a silk scarf on a threatening wind. Fallon’s legs twisted and turned in ways that legs were not made to twist. Her hand was unable to hold on any longer.  Fallon flew through the air landing face down into the water.

wake - Copy.png

falling - Copy.jpg

Joany yelled as hard as could, but the sound of the engine made it very hard for Bob to hear her voice. Joany looked frantically at the surface of the water waiting for Fallon to come to the surface. Fallon was nowhere to be seen. Joany decided to bail from the tube in the hopes of finding her friend. Bob was still speeding through the water when he turned to find both ladies gone. He grabbed the throttle bringing the boat to a stop. The lake was silent, where were the girls.

falling - Copy.jpg

flying tube - Copy.jpg

Panic started to set in and Bob seemed to not know what to do next. “What to do?” he thought. He turned to his right then his left only to see still waters around him. “Oh my god, I killed them,” he said in a panic-stricken fit. “Now what can I do to find them?” he asked himself. A pair of binoculars lay on the seat at the back of the boat. Bob snatched them up in his and began to scan the horizon. Far to the north, there seemed to be something moving in the water. “What could that be?” he thought out loud.

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look - Copy.jpg

Bob started the engine of the boat and sped off in the direction of what he had seen. Getting closer and closer Bob’s hopes were dashed. It was a swan in the water with her babies. Bob’s heart sunk deep into his chest, he sat with his head in his hands mumbling “I killed them, I know it, I did.”

swan - Copy.jpg

A thud came from the front of the boat, it sounded like some hitting it from under the water. Bob inched the boat back away from the sound. Once stopped he peered over the side to see Fallon and Joany struggling to stay afloat. Joany said, “Here, grab her first.” Bob clutched Fallon’s wrists and dragged her into the boat. Bob returned to grab Joany and pull her to safety. Joany lay motionless hardly able to breathe.

rescue2 - Copyrescue3 - Copy.jpg

Joany yelled, between breaths, “Fallon is badly hurt get us to shore.” Bob turned to look at Fallon. Bob’s face was pale white, and stomach turns over and he threw up. Fallon was barely breathing, her lips were blue, and one of her legs was twisted the wrong way with a pale white bone protruding from the skin. Bob grabbed a blanket and covered Fallon to keep her warm. He started to rub her hand to get the blood flowing when he found her arm was mangled really bad.

rescue4 - Copy.jpg

exray2 - Copy.jpgexray - Copy

Joany regained enough strength to crawl to Fallon’s side. “Don’t leave me, Fallon,” she cried as tears began to stream down her face. “Bob get us to shore now, and call nine one one.” By the time they arrived at the shore, a crowd had gathered and an ambulance was waiting. The paramedics carefully loaded Fallon onto a gurney. Once inside the ambulance, they wrapped Fallon in warm blankets, gave her oxygen and made her as comfortable as they could.

crowd - Copy

Joany sat in the waiting room of the hospital, she was tired but in pretty good shape. Fallon was not so lucky she had been in surgery for almost two hours now, and there was no word on her condition. She had lost a lot of blood and needed several transfusions. Joany was so worried, she could not help breaking out into tears all the time. Fallon was her only true friend and would be lost without her.

waiting - Copy.jpg

The surgeons worked tirelessly to save Fallon’s life. Five hours later a doctor emerged from the operating room to speak with Joany. Fallon was in bad shape. Her broken leg was reset and stitched, but her right arm and could not be saved. The damage was too extensive. “It looked like a metal object had chewed her arm and hand.” The doctor said. Joany looked at him, “We were tubing and she fell off the lube and flew in the air and landed hard on the water,” Joany explained. “Oh, I see said the doctor then that would explain the condition of her right arm and hand.” “I would imagine the boat propeller caught her arm as it went by.” “As Fallon was surfacing that’s when the boat got her.” “And who may ask found her?” the doctor asked. Joany said, “I did, I could not see her come so I bailed from the tube to find her.” The doctor replied, “Fallon is a lucky girl to have you as a friend because if not for you finding her she would have died.” “When can I see her?” Joany asked.

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dr - Copy.jpg

The doctor told her she could Fallon in one hour. She may not respond right at first, but her memory will come back. “Thank you, doctor,” Joany said hugging him. After a few hours, Joany made her way to Fallon’s hospital room and sat quietly. Fallon did not move for some time, but Joany stuck by her side. Time seemed to be dragging by, as Joany fell asleep.

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in chair - Copy

Joany woke to the sounds of Fallon’s voice, “Hey you tubing wasn’t such a smart after all.” Joany came to the bedside to kiss Fallon on the cheek and tell her what happened. It took months before Fallon was able to be released from the hospital, but everyone one of those days was spent with her best friend by her side.

bed - Copy.jpg

Watersports are a great form of recreation if, you have an experienced driver in charge of the boat.

The end.

Thanks for coming by.

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