Tainted apples

In everyone’s family, there are always the clowns, ones that need to be heard above all others. The joker, and the one who has the desire to fight with everyone, and the personalities go on and on.

There are all kinds of personalities, the one who are right all the time, the pushy one who yell loudly to intimidate, and the one that sits in the corner watching everyone else. The list goes on and on. I’m sure we all love these people who reside in our families. I have a friend with a long line of relatives that only appear when the reunion comes around, or sometimes at Christmas.

waiting to see.jpg

Ziggy has the same issues as all of us do. Her Uncle Martin is a funny man who always arrives dressed in costume with a case of beer under his arm (the Joker). Ziggy heard that he has always arrived like this, so no gets surprised anymore. Ziggy figured if everyone came in costume her Uncle Martin would no longer stand out. But the truth be said, Uncle Martin loves to be a different person every day.  A little different, but that’s his thing. Aunt Willy is the nice older aunt who bakes all kinds of goodies and drives everyone crazy as she passes them out time after time through the event (the nurturer).

clown - Copy.pngbaker - Copy

Ziggy met her grampy when she was seven and he scared the crap right out of her. She had nightmares for months, mom had brought him from the nursing home for the day. Grampy was the thinnest person Ziggy ever met. Grampy looked like a skeleton with long grey hair, long scraggly beard, and nails that seemed to have never been cut before.  When he grabbed Ziggy by her arm saying, “I’m going to get you.” His voice was scratchy and deep and slobber ran down one side of his face. His eyes looked like someone tried to pull them out of his head. His long nails scraped along Ziggy’s arm as she wiggles loose from his grip. Ziggy ran and hid for the rest of the visit.

gramps - Copy.jpgafraid - Copy.jpg

I’m sure we all can feel Ziggy’s reason for being afraid. Ziggy has never recovered from that day when grampy came to visit. That’s one of the apples on Ziggy’s family tree. She had an Uncle Smiddy who no one liked too much. Everyone said he was dropped on his head at birth. He would sneak up behind people with firecrackers, light them and toss them at your feet. He burnt grammes’ foot once and she has never forgiven him. Ziggy just didn’t feel safe around him. He was creepy. “Good family so far?” “There are a lot more tainted apple on Ziggy’s tree.”

tree - Copyfire - Copy.jpg

Ziggy has gathered idiosyncrasies of her own. She is one of those ladies who likes everything in its place and knows if anything has been moved. He husband Richard bugs her about it. He will deliberately move something just to light her fuse. He would then go in front of her and move a picture and wait for her to see it. Ziggy would chase after him smacking him on the hand telling him he was a bad boy, which would turn into good hardy fun. Richard loved to get her going. Ziggy knew it, and that’s one of the reasons she loves him.

hus - Copy.jpglove - Copy.png

We all have nutbars like Richard, Smiddy, Willy, Martin and grampies on our family trees and there are many more caricatures. We embrace them because they are family.tree2 - Copy.jpg

The end.

Thanks for stopping in.

Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.



2 Replies to “Tainted apples”

  1. Loved the Tainted Apples Maggie and so very true regarding the different personalities in families…..mine included. I’m looking forward to reading your other blogs….. Cheers


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