Future designer 2

Clara Jean had settled into the dorm room she shared with her new best friend Rubie.

New York is a big city with all kinds of people, places to eat and drink and were the college crowd hung out at the best place to eat. Rubie was getting prepared to take Clara on a trip to uptown New York, this way Clara could see all the electronic billboards. Rubie kept their destination as a secret just to see the look on Clara’s face when she saw the lights. Rubie had her camera set and ready to go. Clara and Rubie talked as they walked down streets paved with cobblestone. The homes were so pretty in this area, with their manicured lawns and gardens. Expensive cars, and backyards that look like the ones on the show The Rich and Famous. Clara was blown away by the size of the homes, and yards. This place was so different from home.


camera - Copyfront - Copy.jpg

back yard - Copy.jpgback yard - Copy.png

As the girls turned the corner of Tumble Street onto Galgar street, the lights of New York shone beyond just bright. Rubie clicked a photo of Clara’s face. Clara had not even noticed the flash from the camera. Rubie just kept clicking the camera button capturing her face. Clara had her mouth half open as words crept from her lips, and her eyes were wider than Rubie had ever noticed. Clara turned to Rubie with the biggest grin on her face. Thank you so much for bringing me to this wonderful place, I have never seen these many lights in my entire life.

camera - Copytimes square - Copy

The girls took selfie after selfie with the billboards behind them and Clara got a couple of her standing with her hands in the air and mouthing New York, New York.  Clara jumped in the air and the camera caught her in mid-flight. Clara tried her hand at taking photos with Rubie’s camera, as it was Rubie’s turn to ham it up. Laughing and carrying on the girls finished their photo shoot. The girls started to head to Rumples Pub, to meet with students from the Vangulp College.

jump - Copyjumping - Copy

The pub was quite noisy with everyone trying to talk louder than the person beside them. It was your usual pub setting, a few tables and a stand-up bar. The place was famous for its food, the burgers were the best in New York. The mac n cheese to die for, and the New York steak n cheese was the most ordered next to the bacon n cheddar burger which was the top seller. Clara had never tried a drink before and tonight was the night for her first drink. Rubie ordered up two, long island ice teas. She thought this drink would be tame enough for Clara to try. Clara put the drink to her lips and took a sip, “WOW,” she said. That is amazing, and the taste is so smooth. Rubie warned her that she should take it easy since it was her first time drinking.

pub - Copy.jpg

sand - Copy.jpgtea - Copy.jpgmac n - Copyice - Copy.jpgburger - Copy.jpg

Music started to play, Clara remembers this song as it played at the ice-cream bar at home. She loved the song and began to sing, her voice filled the pub and a silence came over the crowd. All you could hear was Clara’s voice. Every eye was on her, she sounded like an angel sent from heaven, and the spell she had on her audience was magical. Rubie had no idea that a voice like that had been hidden inside her best friend. Once Clara had finished the song the crowd broke into clapping and yelling like crazy, Clara took a bow then sat back in her seat. The crowd cheered another song, another song, Clara was flushed and as shy as heck but, her passion for singing would not allow her to say no. She said how about, “an Aron Neville song?” With those words, she began to sing acapella.  Everyone was captivated again. The night moved along with Clara’s admirers wondered over to praise her and thank her for sharing her voice with them.

sing - Copy

clap - Copy.jpg


The girls finished their drinks and bid everyone good night. They walked around the square looking into store windows, dreaming about someday shopping there. They hailed down a cab and headed back to the college. Next morning Clara rolled over and looked at Rubie and said, “that was one wonderful night and I thank you so very much.” Rubie said, “I had no idea you had such a beautiful voice.” The girls had many more nights at the pub were Clara sang for everyone, she was an instant hit.

store - Copy.jpgstore2 - Copy.jpg

Classes went well for Clara and Rubie, Christmas was fun as Rubie went home with Clara to meet her family and see the great town that Clara had grown up in. Going back to school after the break was a drag, and the girls did their best to dive into the books. The city of New York had a big impact on Clara’s future, she had created a line of her own clothing, for her interview in six weeks after she graduated. Clara knew her line was better than good and she wore each piece whenever she went into the city. Many ladies would come up to her asking where they could buy the outfit she was wearing. Soon no one would have to ask. They could just go to the department store anywhere and purchase her line. Rubie had compiled a catalogue of the line each time Clara wore an outfit she had created.

line - Copystudy - Copy.jpg

Graduation had arrived and all the families were there to celebrate the achievements of many college students. Rubies dad came to see her for the first time in years and congratulated his daughter and Clara on graduating college. Rubie was proud of her ability to apply her talents as the photographer for Clara’s advertising campaign.

grad - Copy.jpg

Clara had the interview with the firm of Coligan and Booster and was hired as one of their top designers. Rubie had landed a position as the head photographer for the same firm. They had made it big in a city that took an idea to the top of the pile. Life was the best for the both of them, and are still best friends to this day.

The end.

Thanks for taking this journey through a Future designer.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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