Future designer

Clara Jean Benson is a beautiful lady who was born and raised on a farm in a small northern town of Farthing with a population of one thousand and six people.

Farthing was an older town with several buildings that were built back in the late eighteen hundreds. Farthing even had a saloon which was still in operation. Only two new buildings were built the grocery store and a Target store. All the rest of the businesses still reside in the existing buildings. The buildings gave a special charm to Farthing. Families that live in Farthing were born there generation after generation. Businesses were passed down to the next generation once mom or dad had aged too much to operate the business.

town - Copy.png

Clara Jean had been born here, went to public school here, and High school too. Clara Jean is tall with long legs and arms to match. She had long auburn hair, dark brown eyes, and skin tanned lightly by the sun. Clara Jean was very involved in fashion and designing and making her own fashions. Clara Jean had won a scholarship from a fashion firm interested in her talent.

fashion 3 - Copy.jpgfashion 2 - Copy.jpg

fashion - Copy.jpgfashion4 - Copy.jpgClara Jean was really excited to be going to a big city college in New York. The hub of the fashion for the whole world. Hatenverge was a prestigious college that educated many careers of high fashion designers. Vangulp was one of the successful graduates who now has a clothing line in many stores, around the world. Vangulp designed clothing that everyday housewife could wear each day or for that special family gathering or to the dinner theatre. His designs are well known in many big cities and small towns.

clothing line - Copyclothing line2 - Copy

Clara Jean had a dream that she would be one of those top designers that graduated from Vangulp with honours. Clara Jean was smart and helped others by tutoring them after school and on the odd weekend.  Clara Jean was popular in school, she had a couple of friends going to the same college. They were in different career choices, and being together would be a comfort while away at school. The time to leave was in about two months.

grad - Copy.jpg

Every year a party was thrown by the merchants in Farthing to help the graduates with the necessities for a dorm room. The party will happen in a week and a half at town hall. Farthing always helped all graduates so that their parents would feel more at ease with the burden of cost. That was Farthing, a close-knit town thinking about the people that lived there. Gathering togethering to help.

dorm4 - Copy.jpgdorm - Copy.png

dorm3 - Copy.jpgdorm2 - Copy.jpg

Farthings party was a success and all graduates were ready to go. With only one-week left school friends were gathering for coffee, dinner or even a trip to the Farthing ice-cream bar. Talking about how much they would miss their hometown. They knew when the holidays came they would return home to have special moments with the ones they loved.

dinner - Copy.jpg

The day had come to make the drive to colleges, it was both exciting yet sad. Many tears fell as goodbyes passed between parent to child. Clara Jean was sad to see her parents go, but she knew this college would give her the tools to succeed in her future career. Mom and dad could not wait till Christmas to see Clara Jean again. Clara Jean had promised to call once a week to talk and assure her parents she was doing great. Clara Jean had a roommate who helped her get used to the big city. Rubie became Clara’s best friends and spent a lot of time together.

room - Copy.png

Join me tomorrow to see what Rubie and Clara Jean do while in the big city of New York.

To be continued.

Thanks for dropping by.

Take care out there.

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