Annabelle’s story 2

As we left Annabelle and her mom, they were cuddling and getting familiar with each other.

The day came when Annabelle and her mom were going home. Annabelle had no idea what going home meant, but mom was excited so that was good enough. A person came to pick up the both of them from the hospital. Annabelle was latched into a funny sitting thing. The way she had to sit hurt her butt, and her back. “Why do I have to sit in this thing, mom was here she could hold me.” But that was not going to happen, so Annabelle wiggled, waved her hands about, kicked her feet, but no one paid attention.

going home - Copy.jpgtiny baby - Copy.jpg

The car stopped and the motor was shut off. There were voices that she had never heard before. Deep voices, squeaky ones, ones that giggled, and ones that were just plain weird. Someone came to the door where Annabelle was latched in her seat. A voice said, “come on Annabelle there are a lot of people who want to meet you.” Annabelle wondered who these people were, she had never met anyone but mom. The door of the house opened and all the chatter hit Annabelle’s little ears. “I don’t think I like this place.” Annabelle was taken out of the car seat. “Thank goodness, she thought, my back hurts.”

baby in car - Copy.jpgwaiting to see - Copy.jpg

A familiar voice came close to her ear whispering, “it’s mommy sweetheart.”  “It’s my mom, and about time.” Annabelle was about to let out a loud howl if those people did not go away. “How dare they touch me like they know me.”  “kissing my hands and face leaving me all wet and slobbery.”

kissing baby - Copy.jpgbaby holding  - Copy.jpg

She was safe now, mom had taken her to a quiet place. “Awe,” it was quiet. Mom changed her diaper, then fed her a bottle of warm milk, mom cuddled her so close. Annabelle thought that her eyes would pop out of her head if mom didn’t ease up on her grip. Annabelle wiggled and let out a fart, that made mom loosen up a bit. Annabelle just kept eating hoping mom thought she did the fart and not Annabelle.

changing - Copy.jpgfeeding.jpg

With her belly full and her bottom, dry Annabelle fell fast asleep.  Mom carried her to her bassinet and wheeled her out into the noisy room. Annabelle didn’t hear a sound and never made a  move. There were many comments on how pretty Annabelle was, and how fantastic her mom looked. Before long all the noisy visitors had gone, and the house was quiet. Mom sat with her mom talking. ” The mane “Grandma” was what I would call her as I grew up.” Mom went to have a bath to clean up from her busy day and had a nap while grandma stayed with me.

nap - Copy.jpggranny - Copy.jpg

Annabelle started to awake from her sleep. There were no sounds, and mom’s voice could not be heard. Annabelle started to cry in the hopes that someone would hear her. She screamed louder, “where is my mom?” “Oh my god,” Annabelle thought, “they left me to starve.” A voice spoke to her, a voice she had never heard before. “Who are you?” “I don’t know you.” Annabelle let out her loudest cry, someone picked her up. Annabelle heard the person tell her she was safe and this is your grandma. I’m going to change you, feed you, and cuddle with you till your mom wakes from her nap.

granny - Copycri - Copy

Grandma was really nice. Annabelle liked grandma and figured she could take care of her only until mom came to cuddle her. Grandma sang her a song that put Annabelle to sleep. All snug and warm in her bed Annabelle dreamed, dreams of mom and her.

kissing baby - Copy.jpggranny - Copy.jpg

As time passed Annabelle changed, she started to get teeth. Those teeth hurt and Annabelle became grumpy and cried quite a bit. Mom would give her a cold baby chew that made her feel better. Annabelle was a go-getter and was crawling by the time she was eight months old. By ten months she was pulling herself up on the furniture. Annabelle was proud of what she could do and would wrinkle her nose and grin at everyone. “I know how to do this.” Mom would often call her a smarty pants. “I sure am mom and you just wait till I start walking.” “I will be getting into everything.”

standing - Copy.jpg

There were gates to protect Annabelle, locks on doors, and even the dog kept away from her. Annabelle had reached her first birthday, she was walking now and proud of it. “Mom is putting together a party for me, but I don’t know what a party is.” The day of the party people had arrived, some of them the same size as Annabelle and others much bigger and older. There were balloons on the floor and in the sky.

first - Copy.jpgbabs - Copy.pngbab - Copy.png

Mom sat a small round cake in front of Annabelle. “What the heck do I do with that?” Mom put her finger in the cake and Annabelle followed her lead, mom put her finger in her mouth so did Annabelle. “This tastes pretty good, I want more.” Annabelle mashed her hands into the cake and came up with a big chunk. “Yum, yum.” The cake was on her face, her clothes, in her hair, and even on the dog. Someone took a picture, Annabelle held up her hands. ” come on come on work it girl, work it.”  “If this is a party then I want one every day.” Annabelle was wisped away to get cleaned up and when she returned there were bags and boxes everywhere. “Oh boy, oh boy, I get to play with these things, what fun this is going to be.” Mom did most of the opening with the help of grandma, “I wasn’t interested, I just wanted the paper to eat and play in the boxes.” “I think my first  Birthday went well, I only ate one piece of paper, I pushed a kid down and kissed my mom four times.” “I can’t wait for the next Birthday.”

bca - Copy.jpg colorful-background-with-smiling-birthday-items_23-2147603471-copy.jpg

Annabelle grew up, going to school, then college graduated and got a great job. Maybe in time, Annabelle might have a little girl just like herself.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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