Annabelle’s story

Annabelle is a sweet little baby girl, with the cutest little chubby cheeks.

Annabelle was born on a beautiful sunny day. As Annabelle came into this world her mom waited patiently for a signal of any kind, any kind of sound. Even a fart at this point would have made her mom’s stress dwindle. But, “no.” Mom waited. All of a sudden the most beautiful sound ever heard. Annabelle’s very first scream.  Another loud scream filled the air that turned into a cry. Annabelle was being held by her feet, upside down, and she was covered in a white slippery grease. “Yuck.”  This is no way to see the world for the first time.

baby upside down - Copygooy baby - Copy

Mom was crying maybe because she was happy or was it just the drugs the doctor had given her. No matter what the emotions came and the tears started to flow. Mom wanted to see her little bundle of joy. The cord was being cut by the doctor. Annabelle was wrapped in a warm blanket and gently set in her mommies arms. Annabelle could hear a sound that was very familiar. The sound that had been so close to her for a long time. It was Mom’s heartbeat, and Annabelle felt safe a secure being close to the sound.

mom baby - Copy

All of a sudden the sweet sound of mom’s heartbeat was gone. Annabelle’s blanket had been whipped away from her body exposing her to the cold. Icy fingers began to touch her, the cold was beyond barrable. “No.” “I’m cold.” “I want my blanket.” Annabelle could not communicate with these things that were trying to freeze her. They tossed her around like an old smelly sock. Finally, she landed on a device that shook as she screamed as loud as she could.


baby nurse - Copy.jpg weight-copy.jpg

The nurses had wist her away from the bright lights into a place that was warm and comforting. Annabelle was being bathed in a tub of warm water. As soon as she grew fond of the feeling, it was gone. A towel was rubbing places no towel should be. Annabelle learned early what a wedgie was. That towel rubbed right up the middle of her butt, getting stuck there. “Holy crap.” Annabelle let a yelp like she has been pinched by a mean person. She was wiggled and jiggled till the towel was removed. Warm hands with slippery oil rubbed all over her face, and her body and didn’t even get stuck. Her bottom was covered by a diaper, followed by a warm nightgown that was wrapped tightly around her arms so she could not move. Soon Annabelle fell asleep.

bath time with nurse - Copy.jpgbath-copy.pngswaddl - Copy.jpg

Annabelle could feel a gentle touch on her face as she wiggled. That heartbeat was there again, this is my mom she imagined. Cuddling close Annabelle opened her eyes. The face of her mom was blurry. She could not see her yet,  but the sound of mom’s voice, mom’s singing, mom’s heartbeat, and mom’s tender touch would have to do for now. It would not be long before Annabelle would see her mom’s smiling face.

with mom - Copy

Annabelle felt and pang in her tummy, she cried out for the pang to go away. All of a sudden something was pressed against her lips. This was weird but the taste of the liquid coming out of it was wonderful. Annabelle suckled till her tummy pang had disappeared. This was heaven she thought. Having mom close by, warm yummy liquid to drink, and a warm cosy place to sleep, was all she needed. Annabelle slept soundly in her mom’s comforting arms.

fed2 - Copy.jpg

The feeling of a gooey yuck on her butt woke her with a start. Annabelle could hear mom saying you stinky bum. Annabelle was being wiggled and twisted here and there, then the cold crept across her body. She let out a cry as shivered, wondering if mom was with the same things that had tried to freeze her before. Annabelle flailed her feet and arms as she continued to wail. The touch of a cold wet cloth caressed her little bottom. “My God that was cold.” She was not happy and let a louder cry burst from her lungs. She heard mom softly whisper “You are okay sweet baby.” “mom is here.”

change diaper - Copy.jpg ba - Copy.jpg

All cuddly and warm Annabelle began to fall back into a sound sleep. Annabelle had come a custom to the sounds around her. Little by little Annabelle found the comfort in knowing mom was there.

Be back tomorrow to continue.

Thanks for blessing me with your presence.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.





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