Travel time #8

When we left the Taylor family they had just had a full day of training. Their day ended with a Texan BBQ, something they had never tried before. 

The dinner was a hit and Harriott couldn’t wait to give BBQ a try. The riding lessons had been excellent, leaving mom and dad very proud of their children.  Today was the day the children had duties in the horse barn. Everyone was up and dressed and ready to start. Mom and dad wanted to tag along to see what kind of work was going to be done. As soon as Aimie and Foster walked into the barn, a lady said, “hello,” and directed the children to their first stall. The duty of the day was to muck out the stalls in the horse barn. There were other duties as well but the stalls were first in line.

cleaning stalls - Copy.jpg

Aimie walked into the first stall with no idea of what to do, a fella came in gave them a shovel and said, “you have to use these shovels to remove the soiled bedding.”  “The wheel barrel outside the stall door is the way to take the wet and soiled bedding to the manure pile, dump it there and continue cleaning stalls. Aimie started first, and the first shovel full made her gag, “what is that smell?” Aimie said. Foster piped up and said, “it’s from when the horse’s pee, and poop it lays in the straw and causes the urine to ferment, causing the smell.” Aimie shrugged her shoulders and got back to work. There were eight stalls to be cleaned, and the pair were flying, leaving them with three more to clean.

cleaning stalls2 - Copy.jpg

The next chore was to brush the horses in the first two stalls, then they could walk the horses around the ring three times. Aimie was happy and excited to get brushing the horses. When Foster and Aimie had finished the last load of manure, the two horses were hooked up and waiting for attention. Another regular helper at the barn showed them the good and the bad ways to brush a horse. Foster and Aimie began right away. The helper stood by in case there were any issues to that needed his attention. With instructions over the walking of the horses began. Foster seemed to enjoy the work he had done, and he was happy to do whatever came on their next barn duty day.

brushing - Copy.jpgbruching - Copy.jpg

caring for horse.jpg

The trail ride was set for the next afternoon, leaving the Taylor family excited.  But for today the rodeo was to in fifteen minutes and no one wanted to miss that. Mom and dad had gone to the canteen to have a beverage while the children were busy in the horse barn. There was nice music playing, and it gave the parents time to talk about what was up next on their travels. The rodeo was about to start, so mom and dad made their way to the event.

trail ride - Copy.jpgdrink - Copy.jpg

The dust flew, as horses bucked, jumping straight up in the air kicking its rear legs straight out while twisting and turning. The rider was like a rag doll being thrown around. The crowds cheered as the rider was removed from the bucking bronc. Mom and dad joined the children while all the fun kept moving along. The rodeo clown was so funny distracting the bull away from the thrown riders. Trick riding amazed the crowds and the Tayor family, then the calf roping started as the rider tried to lasso the calf, throwing the calf to the ground, tieing three legs together before the allotted time ran out. The action had everyone’s attention.

rodeo3 - Copy.jpgrodeo.jpg

clown - Copy.pngrodeo clown2 - Copy.jpg

calf roping - Copy.jpgtrick riding - Copy.jpg

Once all the excitement had finished the BBQ was ready to eat. The amount of food was amazing with the right amount to feed the ranch hands as they ate phenomenal amounts of food. By the end of dinner time there was very little food left, and what was left was given to the shelter in town which helped many people with their meals.  People were dancing to slow and smooth music with two of those people being mom and dad. Foster and Aimie asked for the motorhome keys and headed home to relax after their full day.

BBQ@ - Copy.jpgBBQ - Copy.jpg

cowboys.jpgslow dancing - Copy.png

The next few days were very busy with trail rides, to ghost towns, mock gunfights, saloon fights, and dinner at the hotel. A cattle drive with the riders crossing the river, making sure no cattle had been left behind. The chuck wagon dinner was unusual on the taste buds. The coffee was strong and the bacon and beans were sloppy and the biscuits amazing. The last day at the Dude Ranch a big party was thrown for all campers, staff and friends. Food and drinks were supplied by the ranch, with line dancing for free. The laughing was infectious as people tried to line dance. Stepping on someone each other’s toes. As the sun began to set guests thanked the staff and owners of the ranch for all their hospitality.

ghost .jpg

wanted poster.jpghorses tied.jpg

old ghost town.jpg

gun fight.jpg

gun fight at ok.jpg

cattle drive.jpg


forging the river.jpg

chili - Copy.jpgchuck dinner - Copy.jpg

food - Copy.jpg

dinner - Copy.jpg

Many memories went away with the guests from their time spent at the Dude Ranch. The Taylor family had a photo book full of memories to take with them.


ad - Copy.jpg

The highway was calling as the motorhome headed west down the road to many more adventures. The Taylor family was on the road again.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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