Travel time #7

Harriott Taylor was happy to see her husband’s vacation plans coming to light. Ron spent many months fine-tuning all the little things, right down to paying for everything all at once. She was very proud of him. 

Harriott sat looking out the window of the motorhome. The mountains were right there in front of her so close yet so far away. She thought of how much fun her family was going to have this week. Being at a Dude Ranch was first for all of them. Heck, Harriott had never even thought of a ranch as a place to vacation let alone it even be a choice. The ranch was beautiful, the people were amazing, the food was fantastic if you count the cherry pie. This was a place she could see as a ‘return to’ destination.

moun - Copy.jpg

One by one the children began to stir from their beds, and soon after Ron emerged looking for coffee. Foster was more excited than Harriott had expected. He kept reading over the events and times the family would attend. Aimie was just as excited. She seemed more interested in the white horse in the stall. There were riding times coming up today, just to get the family familiar to saddle position, the horn use, the reins and how to use them to control the direction of your horse. Harriott and Ron had ridden before so their part would be to either watch or help out.

mugs - Copy.jpgwake-copy.jpg

dad - Copy.jpgawake - Copy.jpg

Foster kept a close watch on the clock, as the time for their riding lesson was getting pretty close. “Okay everyone, we must leave soon, the lesson will start in thirty minutes. “Jeans, t-shirt, boots, and hat was the dress of the day, nothing fancy yet,” mom said. Aimie skipped off to her room to get dressed and ready to go. Everyone else was dressed, just waiting for Aimie. Aimie came from her room and she was so cute, she had the biggest smile on her face.

dad - Copy.jpgmom - Copy.png

girl - Copy.jpgso - Copy.pngHeading out, Aimie saw the white horse in a corral just to her right side. He was amazing with his mane flowing as he pranced around the corral, he whinnied in her direction. “Look mom Blaze is talking to me.” “He likes me.” Aimie sure like that horse. Arriving at the barns, a young man stepped forward, “I am your riding coach and my name is Denver.”  ” Let’s all head for the paddock where the horses you are riding will be waiting.” The horses were so beautiful and beside each horse was a helper, picked to have close contact with the rider.

white - Copy.jpg

Each had the name of the rider pinned to the fence in front of them. Aimie had a smaller horse with a mixture of white and caramel, with a patch right over one eye. Foster had a mare name, Macey. She was tall with a shiny coat of jet black horsehair. Mom had an Arabian, with one blue eye and a brown one. Her coat was shiny and a silky auburn colour, her name was Janey. Dad’s horse was big, nineteen hands high big. Like mom’s horse his was a mare with black an white speckles all over her. Her name was Mona.

hose girl.jpg

wild - Copy.pngThe instructor asked for everyone’s attention. “This is your helper, introduce yourselves.” “Now that you know each other’s names I will tell you what you are to do, and your helper will assist you. “Okay let us get started.”  “With your right hand slowly pat the neck of your horse, don’t forget to speak to them using their name.” “You may continue patting over the horse,  not behind as they may kick you.” “Next you are going to saddle your horse following your helpers’ direction.” “Okay, next the bridal.” “Now that you have accomplished getting your horses ready to ride, we will be mounting the horse.”

images.jpggetting to know - Copy.jpg

pet horse - Copy.jpgknow - Copy.jpgOnce on top of the horses’, everything looked smaller, the feeling was amazing. “Now you will take the reins in your hands, and your helper will give you direction.”  “We will practice which way to pull your reins to turn your horse.” “Left, right, left, and right.” “Okay, you are all doing very well.” “We will go to the corral and walk your horse around the ring, your helper will do the first time around leading your horse.” “Now you will take the horse around by yourself.” “Once you come to your helper turn your horse around and go the opposite way.” “Now we are going to trot our horse.” “That’s the way, up and down, up and down, perfect.” “Now this is the big one, gallop your horses.”

bridal on - Copy.jpgsaddle up - Copy.jpgmount horse - Copy.jpgtrot riders - Copy.jpgAnd with that, all riders practised everything they had learned previously. Aimie had the biggest smile on her face as she took her horse through each step while talking softly to the horse. Foster was gliding around the ring galloping at a fair pace. Dad and mom were very proud of their children and their ability to learn so fast. Watching them ride was like the rhythm created by a symphony.

trot riders - Copy.jpgtrot - Copy.jpg

After the ride was over the family were feeling mighty hungry, it was time to hit the BBQ set upon by the ranch. Mom would finally get to try a real Texan feast. There were tables full of delicious varieties of meats, fruits, different types of potatoes, veggies and many other western delights. The feast was a great way to end a beautiful day.

drink.jpg bbq 2 - Copy.pngbbq - Copy.pngpecan pie - Copy.jpg

Tomorrow was their first trail ride, and everyone was looking forward to the time. And a chance to get out on the trail.

To be continued.

Thanks for dropping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.




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