Travel time #6

Aimie Taylor had a lot of excitement meeting a cowboy, seeing pictures of wild horses and just being at a Dude Ranch. She had a hard time falling asleep.

The Taylor family rose pretty early this day. The sun was shining, the birds chirping in the trees, a small squirrel was scurrying around the firepit looking for any scraps left there. The smell of the horse barns was noticeable, the sounds of cattle mooing, and people talking and laughing. The Taylor’s ate breakfast and seemed to be in quite a hurry to get to the store to meet with a Mr Shoeburt.


Arriving in time for their appointment, they had actually beat Mr Shoeburt to the store. The Cowgirl said, “You can go get a coffee or something to eat, and I will call for you once Mr Shoeburt gets in.” “Thank you,” we said. We were off to explore the shopping variety of the store. There were all kinds of outfits for Cowgirls and Cowboys. Aimie had her eye on a cute pink embroidered shirt, stonewashed blue jeans, a belt with a buckle in the shape of a horse, a black bandana for around her neck, white cowboy boots, and a white Stetson. She had it all planned out. Then over the PA system came, “would the Taylor family please come to Mr Shoeburt’s office.”

werstern - Copy.jpg

Arriving at Mr Shoeburt’s office they headed right on in.  Dad shook Mr Shoeburt’s hand. Dad said, “how are you doing this fine day?” Mr Shoeburt smiled saying, “nice to meet you and your wonderful family.” “I am the coordinator in charge of planning out your schedule for the time you will be with us.” “We will be taking a walk around the amenities, and the barns.” “Are you ready to go see our property?” Mr Shoeburt said.

office - Copy.png

They followed Mr Shoeburt. Soon they saw a corral where a cowboy was trying to break a wild horse. The horse reared up, kicked his feet into the air while his head darted towards the ground, the cowboy was being thrown around like a rag doll. He still kept his composure riding up and down, back and forth, his motion mimicked a ballet. Aimie had her eyes fixed on the action in the corral. It was time to go Aimie as mom pulled her away from the railings.

breaking  - Copy.jpgrails - Copy.jpg

Down the pathway, everyone went following Mr Shoeburt into the barns area. The horses were lined up in a row of stalls, it was a wonderful place to spend time. Aimie was in heaven. All she wanted to do is pet the horses, especially the big white one in the middle stall. Mr Shoeburt gave her a carrot and showed her how to hold her hand while feeding it to Blaze. He told her, “you must keep your hand totally flat and still or the horse will bite a finger off. Aimie approached Blaze carefully as she whispered the horse’s name. She held her hand out flat as she was told and Blaze took the treat right from her hand. Aimie raised her hand slowly to pat Blaze on the side of the neck. The feel of his silky horse hair felt good under her hand. Blaze stood quietly while Aimie spoke with him and caressed him with her hand. Dad, mom and Foster starred in amazement. Aimie was like a horse whisperer.


carrot - Copy.jpghose girl - Copy.jpg

Mr Shoeburt led them to a large corral were a rodeo would happen every two days. There would be a cattle drive, trail rides, line dancing and a big BBQ  dinner each night. On the last day of the event would be a dance party, cowboy style, and you had to wear cowboy/cowgirl styles to the party and all other events. The Taylor family was delighted about how much fun they would be having. Mr Shoeburt led everyone back to his office to sign up for events. For those who wanted to help out in the horse barn, one could clean the horses and muck out stalls.  Aimie had dad put her down for helping out in the barn, and Forster thought it would be cool to do barns with Aimie.

white horse - Copy.jpgbarn - Copy.jpg

Mr Shoeburt took the family into the store and helped them find suitable western wear. Aimie had already picked her clothes out, adding a couple t-shirts for work in the barn. Mom picked out a denim skirt for the dance, getting one for Aimie as well. She got blue jeans, a white embroidered shirt, cowboy boots and a blue Stetson. Forster was next he picked a blue plaid shirt, a bandana, a couple t-shirts, jeans, a belt with a big belt buckle,  snake print cowboy boots and a black Stetson. Dad already knew what he was looking for so it did not take long for him to gather his jeans, two black t-shirts, bandana, also one for mom, pale blue shirt, belt buckle, boots, and a black Stetson. The whole family had all the clothing needed to fit into the western atmosphere.

kids - Copy.pngladies wera - Copy.jpgman outfit - Copy.jpgplad - Copy.jpglady man - Copy.jpg

When the family was done with shopping, and receiving their events calendar. the family headed for the restaurant. This was where the cowboys and cowgirls went to get some grub. The family put on their Stetsons, and seem to fit into the crowd. They walked up to the bar and ordered four pieces of lemon pie and four sasparillas. The lady serving them said, “coming right up sir.” Looking around the place mom got a ‘howdy miss” from a young fella passing by her. This was a nice place to have a vacation at. The family finished their pie and sasparilla and headed back to their motorhome.

sasperalla - Copy.jpgbar with people - Copy.pnglemon - Copy.jpg

The conversations carried on till the sun went down. The family was ready for their first day at the Dude Ranch.

To be continued.

Thanks for popping in.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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